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First: elliot – That means there is a ‘dead end’ ahead … zombies butt.

Second: DennisThe ride into DC just got trickier

Third: yetanotherjohnWho knew Haiti had the money for road construction?


Kevin R. SiekierskiUnbeknownst to most of the members of Congress, one of the one of the earmarks stimulus projects was to add a warning sign on the road leading up to the Capitol Building.

ElmoTime was … you could get a cup of coffee without a warning.

BitheadMeanwhile, outside Obama election Headquarters…

Maggie Mama – Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) posted these warning signs around the Capitol after learning members of Congress were voting for a Stimulus Bill they hadn’t even read.

G.A.Phillips – RACIST NECROPHOBIA SPREADING PROFILERS, eating brains is a beautiful and natural choice for a lifestyle!!!!!!

William d’Inger – Don’t tell me they’ve gone on tour again

MikeM – What? Another presidential press conference? (Well at least a Helen Thomas sighting — rodney dill)

ElmoPotter isn’t selling. Potter’s buying! And why? Because we’re panicking and he’s not.


Things went south when Al Qaeda found a supply of recruits capable of multiple suicide bomb runs.

Proof that Congress is not made of complete idiots… some parts are missing.

Of course the sign, indicating to Zombies that there was a head lying around, only attracted more Zombies.

Pelosi picks her new theme song — She’s Not There

“Obam-ho-tep… Obam-ho-tep…. Obam-ho-tep….”

Liberals, not part of the Zombie food chain, lived in peace with the undead.

The picturepageThursday Contest has already applied a fresh coat of paint to his socialism.

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  1. elliot says:

    Thanks for the first place slot – Elliot