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The I’ll Keep An Eye Out For You Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



Photo/College of William & Mary, Stephen Salpukas)


First: Wyatt EarpZombies flee Washington, D.C. after failing to find any BRAAAIIINNNSSS!

Second: Eric Florak17 of the people counted by ACORN census takers.

Third: Rachel Edith – “I left California. No jobs. Housing. The budget. Fires. Earthquakes. Drought. And Michael Jackson is back.”


Floyd – D@mned pigeons! Next time I come to the park I’m bringing a SHOTGUN!

ElmoResistance to the Oborg is futile.

G.A.Phillips – It seems that the stimulus is not having the effect we were hoping for Mr. President.

Maggie Mama – Walking that damn dog, Bo, is proving a real physical challenge for Barack.

Brian KnappSwine flu symptoms may include: paleness, bleeding, lessened concern for personal hygiene or appearance, and compulsion to dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

Diane Mason – I told my blind date, “Don’t worry, I’ll be easy to find.” yet I’ve been out here for four hours. I can’t believe she can’t spot me!


Obam-ho-tep…. Obam-ho-tep…. Obam-ho-tep….

UAW factory workers for Obama

It surprised everyone that David Souter’s tenure on the Supreme Court didn’t appear to have aged him.

The blowhardMonday Contest knows from which quarter the wind blows.

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  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    Whoo hoo! Thanks, Rodney!