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The Could’ve Had A V-8 Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.





First: KennyAnd finally, at long last, Warhol turned to surrealism.

Second: DL – Democrats after using just one square of toilet paper

Third: floyd – The 2008 gurning championship finalists “face” the final round of voting.


charles austinIt was only a matter of time before running for President became a reality television show.

BitheadWelcome to DNC Squares. I’m Peter Marshall.

Beau – One of these things is not like the others…One of these things does not belong

John425 – The Orkin man’s training poster offered as handy Pest Identification Guide for consumers.


All right, Who cried when Old Yaller died?

The running of the Bull came early this year

How do you do it? (fend off stupid reporters questions)
Clinton: Chilling Glare-O-Death (Vince Foster shrunken head not seen)
Obama: Hordes of OZomabie supporters chanting — ‘Obam-ho-tep… obam-ho-tep…”
Edwards: Mock Indignation — “Who you calling Pretty Boy?”
Richardson: Change of Vocation — “Look I can be a Detroit Lions Wide Receiver”
Biden: The Big Push-Off — “Gedouddahere!”
Kuchinich: Moonbat Kung Fu — “HoooOOO WaaaAAHH Ni ni ni”
Gravel: F-Bomb — “…and your mother too.”
Dodd: Science of Proctology — (’nuff said)

The feces flinging will now begin

The loveblimp Thursday Contest is going over like a lead balloon.

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