John Nagl Next Haverford Headmaster

John Nagl, who became famous as a leading counterinsurgency theorist and practitioner, is taking on a new challenge: grooming young boys for life.

NPR Had a Counterinsurgency Debate and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

NPR’ Morning Edition calls. John Nagl the disciple of COIN’s Jesus, GEN David Petraeus.

Fixing America’s Military

Ultimately, “fixing America’s military” will require fixing America.

John Nagl on ‘Daily Show’

LTC John Nagl, author of How to Eat Soup With a Knife appears on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart explaining Counterinsurgency doctrine. Stewart’s reaction to “Be polite – Be professional – Be prepared to Kill” is priceless.


NYT Magazine has an illuminating piece entitled, “Professor Nagl’s War.” It’s especially interesting to me because I knew John Nagl when he was an 18-year-old cadet on the West Point debate team. He was a very impressive fellow then and has certainly gone on to do well for himself.