Erdogan Conditions Sweden’s NATO Bid on Turkey EU Admission

Finally, a rationale that makes sense.

NATO to Bolster Ukraine Aid

Membership is stalled by more support is coming.

Turkey’s Elections

Don’t get your hopes up.

Far-Right Idiocy in Sweden

Swedish right-wing provocation and Turkish short-sightedness.

Finland and Sweden Apply to NATO, Turkey an Obstacle

A diplomatic nightmare brewing since last week is now upon us.

The Problem with Trump: The Turks and the Kurds

Trump’s error in Syria.

Turkish Forces Cross Border Into Northern Syria, Hit Kurdish Areas

Just days after President Trump agreed to remove American forces from the scene, Turkish forces are entering northern Syria and Kurdish forces say they ar ready for war.

At Least 41 Dead In Terror Attack On Istanbul Airport

A massive attack hits Istanbul’s airport.

Our Ally Turkey Joins Fight Against ISIL, Killing Our Allies Against ISIL Rather Than ISIL

Turkey has finally joined in the US-led coalition against ISIL. Unfortunately, it’s killing the main ground force fighting ISIL.

Turkish Governing Party Loses Parliamentary Majority In Elections

Turkey’s governing party suffered big setbacks at the ballot box yesterday.

War in Kurdistan?