No, It’s Not Time For A New War On Booze

A supposed conservative calls for massive increases in taxes on alcohol.

Is 2012 1964 All Over Again?

The Republican debacle of 1964 offers some lessons for the current cycle.

Rick Perry’s Not Really Flat Flat Tax Plan

Rick Perry’s tax plan isn’t very impressive.

Booze Math: How Much Do Alcoholics Drink?

Experts say 80% of all alcohol sales go to people with drinking problems. The mathematics of that are staggering.

Adrian Fenty Good Mayor, Bad Candidate

Affluent whites are astounded that Adrian Fenty appears about to lose his bid for re-election as DC’s mayor. But the majority black population is less than thrilled with his tenure.

Secret to Wealth Discovered!

Americans who earn a lot of money disproportionately live in a tiny number of states and are married to other high-earners.

TED Talks: Online Ivy League?

An essay claiming that the TED talks are “the new Harvard” is gaining some traction from a lot of people who ought know better.

Civil Discourse on teh Internets?

Daniel Larison and Reihan Salan have an intelligent discussion on the Internet, managing to persuade each other!

Of No Party or Clique

Moderate Islamists?