Justice Department Won’t Force One Reporter To Testify, Faces A Choice On Another

The Justice Department won’t force James Risen to testify in a legal investigation, but faces a new choice in a different case.

Supreme Court Passes On Appeal From Journalist Threatened With Contempt Citation

The Supreme Court rejected another opportunity to clarify Federal Law on testimonial immunity for journalists.

Good News For Supporters Of Journalist Shield Laws

Two news items yesterday advanced in some small measure the protection of journalists from having to reveal sources under Court Order.

We’re 46th! USA!

Proposed Media Shield Law Leads To Debate Over Who Is A “Journalist”

Who should qualify as a “journalist” for purposes of a “Shield Law?”

Federal Court Rules That NY Times Reporter Must Testify In Leak Investigation

Once again, a Federal Court rules that the First Amendment rules does not protect a reporter from being compelled to reveal sources or the results of an investigation.

Rep. Peter King (R., New York) Wants Journalists Prosecuted As Spies

One Congressman thinks it would be a good idea to treat journalists as criminals.

Did Eric Holder Commit Perjury? Probably Not

Eric Holder’s testimony before Congress is leading to accusations of perjury, but the argument that he did so seem pretty weak.

Bloggers, Media Shield Laws, And The First Amendment

Should bloggers be treated the same as “journalists” for the purpose of the protections granted by media shield laws?

Bipartisan Justice Officials Back AP Investigation

Senior DOJ officials from the previous three administrations back the Obama DOJ’s controversial subpoenaing of AP conversations.

Fox Reporter Investigated Under Espionage Act

After many attempts to manufacture grand scandals out of very little, Republicans may finally have a legitimate outrage on their hands.

Fox News Reporter Faces Potential Jail Time For Refusing To Disclose Source

A Fox News reporter may go to jail for refusing to reveal a source. Should journalists have an absolute testimonial privilege?

Oral History, Confidentiality, and the Courts

The Obama Justice Department is siding against historians trying to protect the confidentiality of their sources.

Bloggers Not Protected By Journalist Shield Law, New Jersey Court Rules

In a decision released yesterday. the New Jersey Supreme Court clarified the journalist/blogger distinction somewhat.

The Julian Assange Case, Consent, And Rape

Inspired by the reaction to the Julian Assange case, a feminist writer proposes dangerous changes to American rape laws.