Dean Tries to Jump Start Campaign

A humbled Howard Dean acknowledged today at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire that he is flawed, and he joked about his frenzied performance after his loss in the Iowa primary.

“Look, I’m not a perfect person,” said Dean, hoping to pump fresh life into his candidacy ahead of New Hampshire’s primary on Tuesday. “I have plenty of warts. I say things that get me into trouble. I wear suits that are cheap.”


Dean, a former Vermont governor, his voice gravelly from a nagging cold, joked today when he took the stage at the Lebanon Opera House. “I’ve still not recovered my voice from my screeching in Iowa,” after a third-place finish Monday night.


Dean and his wife, a rare sight on the campaign trail, are to be interviewed on ABC’s “Primetime” tonight.

Interesting. Perhaps he should play his saxophone on whatever the current equivalent of the Arsenio Hall show is and discuss his underdrawers on MTV. It’s worked before.

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