Those Who Can’t….

Despite being rejected by GOP primary voters as their Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee thinks they might buy his book about his failed candidacy and “offering his vision for remodeling the conservative movement.” The book will be released two weeks after the November election and offer both anecdotes from his Presidential bid and his notions about the future of American politics and how to reunify the Republican Party.

I’d say that whether or not elevating Huckabee and his ideas to more prominence in GOP politics would serve that function depends on whether one believes the party would regroup well after massive electoral defeat.

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Dodd Harris
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  1. Bithead says:

    I seem to reacll Lugar trying the same trick, years ago, when he tried for the WH at the end of Reagan’s two terms. Wrot e a book called “Advice to the next president’ or something. It contained remarkably bad advice.

  2. yetanotherjohn says:

    So there are at least two scenarios possible here. The GOP wins in November (not the most likely scenario given the political headwinds, but a distinct possibility) or it loses. If the GOP wins, then a book telling the conservatives how to reform would look most like a shot across the McCain bow given the love conservatives hold for McCain. If the GOP loses, then the book is going to be missing the issues that led up to the latest electoral loss (unless this is going to be a ‘print on demand’ book via amazon).

    Just doesn’t ring true to me.

  3. Bithead says:

    You missed a third, YAJ, and it’s what happened, in the case of Lugar. Nobody listen to him for the same reason he got booted out of the primary early, by the Republican voters. They decided his was full of it. And for the record, they were correct.