Too Lame for TNR

Via Jeralyn Merritt, I see that former New Republic scribe Spencer Ackerman has established a new blog, which Merritt believes will become “must read.”

I rather have my doubts.

For one thing, he’s started it on Blogspot. I know prestige opinion journals specialize in “psychic pay,” figuring that the honor and joy of writing for them makes up for meager compensation. Still, with domain names available for under $10 a year, there’s just no excuse for a professional writer to be on a lousy freebie site.

For another, he’s titled his blog “toohotfortnr.” Eschewing capital letters and spaces is so 1993. Plus, branding oneself based on the fact that one used to work for someone else is rather weak. [Update: An emailer points out that the name was chosen before Ackerman’s split with TNR and intended as a repository for things not-TNR worthy. The split occured two days after the blog’s launch and, one gathers, was not expected.]

Mostly, though, I’ve scrolled through his first few efforts. Analysis on this score is below the fold, as it’s not particularly family friendly.

Here are the titles of his ten most recent posts. (NB: I have to give him credit for being prolific; he’s really cranking out the material, given that he just started a week ago.)

    * What gives you the right to fuck with our lives: III
    * this town has turned into a ghost town
    * What gives you the right to fuck with our lives: II
    * I ride for you, I rhyme for you, I roll for you, it’s all for you
    * The time is so precious, the time belongs to us
    * It’s like a bottle to the head, I’m seeing stars I’m seeing
    * how will you know your enemy? by their colour or your fear?
    * I’m not an idiot! I’m not an idiot! I’m not a fucking stooge!
    * Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant
    * What gives you the right to fuck with our lives

I mean, what the fuck?

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  1. Bandit says:

    Other than that……………

  2. talboito says:

    Many of those posts, “who gives you the right…”, are auto-posted from a feed of US Military casualty reports.

    I take it the titles for the other posts mostly come from songs.