Monday Morning Tabs

Gotta clear ’em all!

Seizing Trump Assets Not That Easy

Most of the things with his name on them are not in his name.

Trump’s Financial Troubles

What happens if a corrupt man who owes hundreds of millions is President?


A little late, but here they are.

Tabo Tuesday

Misleading Headline of the Day

Demonstrators once again breached Hill security.

California Senate Sinkhole

A race a Democrat will definitely win will be the most expensive in US history.

Should The Press Pick a Side?

The mainstream media isn’t and shouldn’t become a counterpart to the right-wing infotainment complex.

Journalistic Ethics and Mangled Quotes

Striking the balance between cruel and misleading.

Harvard Extension Fraud

How dare people who paid for a cut-rate degree claim they paid for the good one?

Ivy Ressentiment

Old men still bitter about where they went to college.

How Many Johns in the Senate?

Disproportional representation!

Axios and Pre-Chewed News

Jim VandeHei and company have put out a new style guide.

Thursday Tabs

Fear of a White Scholar

President Biden had a meeting with some historians. The horrors.

Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War

Doves Split Over Ukraine

Foreign policy makes strange bedfellows.

Tucker Carlson’s Testicles

The craziest damn thing you’ve ever heard of or a secret message to the crazies?

Bob Dole, 1923-2021

The longtime Senator and Vice Presidential and Presidential nominee is gone at 98.

The Fine Line Between Nationalism and Racism

Andrew Sullivan wonders, “Will there always be an England?”

Andrew Sullivan on Gay Marriage Ruling

Andrew Sullivan, perhaps the man most responsible for putting the notion of marriage equality into the national debate, has come out of his blogging retirement to weigh in on yesterday’s historic ruling.

The Myth Of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Inevitability And The 2016 Election

One of the most repeated comments about the 2016 race is based on something that just isn’t true.

Is Scott Walker Too White To Get Elected?

TNR makes the worst possible case for a proposition that’s almost certainly right.

It Doesn’t Matter When, Or Why, Hillary Clinton Changed Her Mind On Marriage Equality

Obsessing over what a politician believed in the past accomplishes nothing.

More Evidence Of The Political Risk To The GOP In A Shutdown

With just hours to go, the Republicans on Capitol Hill seem prepared to take a big political risk.

Ezra Klein’s Meteoric Rise

How he went from Juicebox Mafia member to the most important young journalist in DC.

Election Night Might Be Over Early

Brookings Institute scholar William Galston says election night might end early this year even if the race remains tight.

Can Domestic Policy Affect Income Distribution?

“Can Domestic Policy Affect Income Distribution?” Why, yes, yes it can.

Ron Paul: Yea I Wrote The Newsletters, But Not Those Icky Parts

Ron Paul has a new explanation for those newsletters of his.

Ron Paul: Not So Much Denial Back in the 1990s (Plus: Newsletters 101)

New video plus a basic primer on Ron Paul’s newsletter situation.

Debt Deal Winners and Losers

Now that America’s political leadership have probably averted a self-inflicted global economic calamity, it’s time to assess the winners and losers.

Political Derangement Syndrome

Whenever I despair at the current state of the Republican Party, I remind myself that things aren’t much better across the aisle.

War on Drugs Reconsidered

Is there a legalization argument building?

Teachers Unions vs. Education

DC schools superintendent Michelle Rhee has radically transformed the system for the better. Naturally, the teachers unions want her gone.

Palin’s Speech Reax

What Obama Needs to Do