‘From the River to the Sea’

When the obvious is controversial.

Donald Rumsfeld, 1932-2021

He was both the youngest and oldest man to run the Pentagon.

US Signs Deal with Taliban

It’s not clear what has been achieved.

Army Not Investigating Vindman

Tweets aren’t policy, unless they are.

No, We Shouldn’t Use The No-Fly List To Decide Who Can’t Buy A Gun

The no-fly list is a flawed, arbitrary mess that has kept innocent people from flying for years. Using it to deny people rights recognized by the Constitution is, quite honestly, insane.

Fort Hood vs Benghazi?

James Oliphant asks, “Why Hasn’t the GOP Treated Fort Hood Like Benghazi?”

Shut Up, He Explained

Shutting down rational debate one meme at a time.

Arming The Syrian Rebels Not Likely To Accomplish Anything

Arming the Syrian rebels may do nothing more than prolong a seemingly endless war, and pull the United States into a conflict it shouldn’t be involved in.

Reconsidering The Petraeus Hagiography

The scandal now surrounding David Petraeus should lead people to reassess his past record.

The Never Ending War On Terror

If you thought the War On Terror might be over, think again.

Even After Big Speech, Romney’s Foreign Policy Remains Vague

Mitt Romney’s speech at VMI today was billed as a major foreign policy address, but it was incredibly light on substance.

The Afghan Surge Was A Failure

The Afghan Surge announced by President Obama in December 2009 is over. By any objective measurement, it was a failure.

Was Obama’s ‘Afghan Surge’ A Failure?

To much fanfare, President Obama announced a shift in Afghan War policy in December 2009. There’s little evidence it’s worked.

Message from Samuel L. Jackson to George Zimmerman

Roger Ebert and I don’t agree on much, from politics to movies. But share a fondness for Samuel L. Jackson and a contempt for George Zimmerman.

Mitt Romney’s Bizarre Take On Obama’s Afghanistan Decision

Mitt Romney’s statements about the planned early draw down in Afghanistan make no sense whatsoever.

Obama’s Pentagon ‘Power Grab’

Michael Hastings has yet another credulous story attempting to smear the United States military.

Rick Santorum’s Disturbing Foreign Policy Vision

Rick Santorum’s foreign policy positions are troubling in many respects.

Mikhail Gorbachev: The World Would Be Better If The USSR Was Still Around

Not surprisingly, the last man to lead the Soviet Union believes we’d be better off if it still existed.

Why Not Huntsman?

Is the Media Sexist? Or Just Banal?

Doug Feith’s replacement is prettier and softer spoken.

Tomorrow’s Gaddafi Stories Today

Spencer Ackermann previews “The Post-Gadhafi Journalism You Will Read In The Next 72 Hours.”

FBI Using Anti-Muslim Literature To Train Counterterroism Agents

The FBI has been using some odd materials to train its counterterrorism agents.

Secret CIA Interrogation Facility in Eastern Europe?

Danger Room’s Spencer Ackerman reports on an alleged secret CIA interrogation facility somewhere in the former Soviet Union.

Ex-Spy Says Bush Administration Tried To Use CIA To Discredit Blogger

An ex-CIA agent says that someone in the Bush White House tried to use the agency to “discredit” Iraq War critic Juan Cole.

The Plan In Libya? There Is No Plan

It has become quite apparent that neither the White House nor our coalition partners have any idea what the path to an endgame in Libya even looks like. That’s not good.

How Did Moscow Bomber Elude Airport Security?

Here’s how terrorists get past airport security: don’t bother to go through it.

Investigative Journalism, RIP

The Washington Independent goes dark in December, failing to find profitability in three years.

Soldiers: Not Poor, Stupid Hicks

Yet another study shows what any of us who’ve ever spent any time around soldiers already knew: Our Army is not comprised of stupid people who couldn’t find a decent job.

WikiLeaks vs. CINDER

The Pentagon, responding to obvious flaws in its security revealed by the WikiLeaks debacle, is working on a data mining program that will monitor employee behavior for suspicious activity.

Blogging and Professional Ethics

When professors blog, they send signals to their students about their attitudes. Where do we draw the line between free expression and unprofessional conduct?

WikiLeaks Publishes 90,000 Stolen Classified Documents

The scumbags at WikiLeaks have published a huge trove of classified documents provided to them by one or more traitors in our military.

Stanley McChrystal Retires

General Stanley McChrystal retired with full honors while being lauded by the Secretary of Defense.

JournoList: Conspiracy, Scandal, Or Locker Room Trash Talk ?

JournoList’s archives have been making headlines at The Daily Caller, but there doesn’t seem to be any substance to the allegations of scandal.

Obama’s Angels