OTB in Slate

OTB is featured in a Slate piece by Bidisha Banerjee, “Unpacking Leeds,” which rounds up “the latest chatter in cyberspace.” (Hat tip to David Stephenson, who is also included.)

Interestingly, a search of the Slate archives reveals numerous mentions, even though I’ve never noticed more than a handful of referrals. This is quite puzzling, as I’m sure Slate has boatloads more traffic than OTB.

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James Joyner
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  1. McGehee says:

    Well, when Bannerjee linked to a post of mine about the AFL-CIO troubles, I got a lot of referrals. Then again, that’s against a background of a much lower average traffic flow.

    What I think though, is that a big reason you don’t get a lot of referrals from your Slate links is, your readership probably overlaps with theirs more than, say, mine does.

  2. I have had a couple of mentions by Slate, and from those mentions I also received a mild amount of referrals. I was similarly puzzled, but then again, those Slate roundups have dozens of links on one topic, diluting the effect. Also, there are a lot of roundups, not one central blog roundup, and they occur frequently.

    An Instapundit link is still pretty much the best thing out there in terms of loads of referrals. Moreso than many mainstream media mentions.

  3. Sean Hackbarth has noted the lack of traffic from a Slate mention as well.

    Much like CNN/MSNBC mentions, it seems to generate very little actualy interest in one’s site.

    I can understand the TV mentions not generating visitors, but it is kind of odd that an online publication mention wouldn’t get at least a microburst.

  4. Suwedo says:

    What is Slate?

  5. Zsa Zsa says:

    Rodney,…I mention you alot in my comments. Usually if I see someone who has mispelled a word, or if I have !!! …I hope you don’t mind?

  6. Lt bell says:

    maybe we should talk about the treason in the white house, and rove/bush conspiracy, that might generate more interest

  7. LJD says:

    …or alien invaders in UFOs, or underground dwelling brain suckers….

  8. McGehee says:

    …or Bat Boy! I heard he was Elvis’ love child!