Utah: Homo Paradise?

Bill granting some marriage-like rights passes Senate muster (Salt Lake Tribune)

Controversial legislation that would grant some marriage-like rights to unmarried adults sailed through a Senate committee on Friday without a single opposing comment. In fact, Republican Majority Leader Peter Knudson made the motion to pass it and called it “a fine piece of legislation.” Senate Bill 89 would allow two adults – be it a same-sex couple or a grandmother and granddaughter – to register with the state Health Department and check which benefits they want, including hospital visitation privileges and inheritance.

The bill comes less than three months after voters overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage and restrict benefits in any “domestic union” outside marriage. But Sen. Greg Bell, R-Fruit Heights, says his bill is not in response to that amendment and adds he is not trying to undermine what the voters wanted. But he says the legislation covers a part of Utah’s population that can’t get married but deserves some of those same benefits.

Who’da thunk it? What’s next, school prayer in San Francisco?

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  1. anjin-san says:

    Hmmm I guess talking about “Homos” IS more important then discussing the deficit and the 80 billion more taxpayer dollars Bush wants to pour into Iraq.

    How much was Bush bragging the homeland security budget is, 30 Billion? Guess we can see what is improtant to him.

    Oh yea and lets not think about how much of our deficit China is funding. Freedom is on the march!

  2. McGehee says:

    Anjin, when you have your own blog you’ll get to decide what gets blogged. On your blog.

    Jeez, who stomped on your lumbago today?

  3. Scott Dillard says:

    Actually, who visits you in the hospital should be up to you, not the hospital staff. And who you leave your assets to should be none of the government’s business. If a gay person wants to leave everything to a partner of decades (or his cat, for that matter), why should anyone have the right to interfere?

  4. Skaje says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with allowing two adults to register with the Health Department simultaneously.

  5. anjin-san says:

    Its cool McGehee, I can certainly see why you would run like the wind from these issues…

  6. anjin-san says:

    Oh and here are a few tidbits about life here in Bush’s America (SF Chron)

    Weaverville, Trinity County — Supervisors in this 13,000-resident county the size of Rhode Island are postponing $3 million in road repairs to keep Trinity’s debt-ridden hospital afloat.

    In Colusa County, where a lone sheriff’s deputy patrols the entire jurisdiction during the pre-dawn hours, layoffs could mean lower child-support collections this year. All 320 county workers were forced to take a one-week unpaid furlough during the holidays.

    In Plumas County, where 37 law enforcement officers patrol 2,554 square miles, much of it thickly wooded, the sheriff’s department hasn’t purchased a new vehicle in three years.

    Neighboring Butte County has eliminated 149 positions in its 2,380-member workforce and still predicts a $7 million cash shortfall next year.

    Hope you’all enjoyed the $40 million ignauragation…

  7. Lt says:

    school prayer in San Francisco?

    why would you say that??

    that the religionist lives in a fantasy world of spin supporting an illegal war might explain it.\

    McGeeHee when you open a blog you get people responding
    censorship is a conservative family value not a blog value – get with it.

  8. jpe says:

    That’s a pretty good idea; the thing that’s shocking is that it isn’t universally used already.

    If a gay person wants to leave everything to a partner of decades (or his cat, for that matter), why should anyone have the right to interfere?

    I took a decendent’s estate class last year; it’s disturbing how often a court will run roughshod over a will. It’s not all that common, but once is too much (other things being equal).

  9. LJD says:

    “Hmmm I guess talking about “Homos” IS more important…”

    I can understand your anger. The government will no longer be able to take the life savings of individuals who wish to direct their estates elsewhere. Now how are you going to pay for all those programs?

    “Oh and here are a few tidbits about life here in Bush’s America…”

    300 million to Tsunami relief. How could we.

    “Hope you’all enjoyed the $40 million ignauragation…”

    It was difficult with all of your incessant whining!

  10. Jack Tanner says:

    ‘Oh and here are a few tidbits about life here in Bush’s America (SF Chron)’

    Funny that none of your examples have anything to do with the Fed gov’t. Oh wait, I forgot…Everything went to hell when the usurper Chimpy McBushitler Corp was selected in 2000.

  11. anjin-san says:


    Lear how the govt works. The federal govt does indeed underwrite the expenses of local goverments, especially in the area of law enforment.