Virginia Funeral Home Introduces Drive-Thru Viewings


In today’s busy society, we’ve taken to using a lot of short cuts. Instead of long, thoughtful letters to family and friends, we send email. Instead of phone calls, we send text messages. Now, one enterprising Funeral Director has found a way to please the mourner who’s too lazy to get out of the car:

Ever wished that you didn’t have to leave your car to view a loved one who has died?

A Virginia funeral home, Farmville’s Oliver & Eggleston Funeral Establishment, is now offering drive-thru viewing services. The company is staying consistent with its motto: Services That’s Distinctive–Experience The Difference.”

“It’s designed for people who have disabilities or…inclement weather,” President Carl Eggleston told WTVR. ”You can have a regular viewing in a regular room, and then at night, if we want to roll you over here, and put you in here, we can put the person in here.”

Other drive-thru funeral viewings are reportedly on offer in California, Chicago and Louisiana. But it’s thought that Oliver & Eggleston — which also provides horse-drawn hearses, as well as other unusual accommodations — is the first business to offer this service in the Old Dominion.

“Somebody’s got to be the first one,” Eggleston told WTVR. “We just offer the families something different, so they have options.”

Yea, because we didn’t really like Uncle Charlie that much anyway, and this is just so much easier.

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  1. michael reynolds says:

    Look, on the one hand your mom is dead. On the other hand, you just hit the Wendy’s, and the fries aren’t nearly as good cold. Wouldn’t your mother want you to eat? Would she want you to eat cold fries?

  2. rudderpedals says:

    Limit one scratch-off ticket per vehicle. Distinctive sweepstakes prizes to die for.

  3. Woody says:

    @michael reynolds:

    A problem solved when the mourners are asked, “Would you like fries with that? Any cookies today?”

    As always, MPFC got there first.

  4. Tillman says:

    Perhaps I’m just old-fashioned, but damn it, I get out of the car and walk into the funeral home. I talk with the people who knew the deceased, and I share what little memories I might happen to have.

    I suppose the furthest from me a person has died has been a friend’s father, so perhaps I don’t understand how many people used to attend the wake of a friend’s third cousin’s uncle’s funeral, but really, have we fallen that far?