Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

John Cole is quite upset with Kos. He is upset with how Kos apparently peddled a phone conversation and misrepresents it as evidence of chemical weapons use by the U.S. But what I found really surprising was this comment by Cole,

I am sick and tired of defending Kos.

Why even bother? Talk about a complete waste of one’s time. I’d suggest a more productive use of one’s time, such as picking the lint out of one’s belly button.

As for the use of white phosphorous, it seems to me that if this is going to be considered a “chemical weapon” then we should include things like…oh, I don’t know…gun powder. After all, these are chemicals, and they are a primary component in the preferred weapon that is used to kill the enemy. Heck, technically even the bullets themselves could be thought of as chemicals. So could the soldiers for that matter…on both sides. There we go. Proof positive that Saddam had chemical weapons. Way to go Kos. Ya moron.

Talk about redefining something to the point where it is basically meaningless.

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  1. Bithead says:

    I suspect this is a major change for Cole, as I said at my own place the other day.

    It appears from here, he’s had a revelation of sorts, and in my view, a fairly major one. Consider it’s depth; Who could have thought a few months ago about him ever taking Kos to task? One cannot have such a revealtion, one cannot be forced into a change of heart of this magnitude, without it affecting the way one thinks at a very foundational level, going forward.

    It’ll be interesting to see over the next days and weeks.

  2. slickdpdx says:

    Great point, I imagine the tune would be a lot different if the CURRENT administration was pointing to Iraqi stores of WP as evidence of chemical weaponry.