David Brooks’ $78 Airport Burger

A joke(?) gone a-rye.

Gary Rossington, 1951-2023

The last original member of Lynryd Skynyrd has died.

There’s No Whisky in this Mouthwash?!

It turns out that the candy flavored booze at the grocery store isn’t even bourbon.

More Tabs and Quick Takes

The no electoral politics, no Trump edition.

Tom T. Hall, 1936-2021

The legendary country music singer-songwriter known as “The Storyteller” is gone at 85.

Coffee is (Mostly) Healthy Again

The indicators are pointing in the direction of caffeine being good for most people.

Trump Administration Set To Raise Tariffs On European Alcohol And Food Products

The Trump Administration is set to raise tariffs on more products from Europe, including Scotch Whisky and other alcoholic beverages as well as food products and other items.

Trump’s Trade War Chickens Coming Home To Roost

Three months after it started, the Trump Trade War is already starting to have a negative impact on American businesses and American consumers.

Andrew Cuomo to Pardon All Parollees to Restore Their Vote

Unable to get his way with the legislature, New York’s governor is taking a provocative step.

Trump Will Skip White House Correspondents Association Dinner Again

President Trump won’t attend nerd prom again this year. That’s a good thing.

Trump Skips Nerd Prom, Attacks The Press In Speech To Supporters

Instead of attending the White House Correspondents Association Dinner, Donald Trump spent his Saturday attacking the press and the First Amendment.

10 Drinks a Day is a Lot of Drinks!

The Ezra Klein-less Wonkblog makes us feel good about our drinking habits.

The Anti-Federalist Impulse

Many who speak with great passion about the Constitution rather frequently make anti-Federalist arguments.

Writing and Drinking

Many of America’s great writers were alcoholics.

New York Times: Time To Grant Clemency to Edward Snowden

The “paper of record” joins the call for some kind of deal with Edward Snowden.

Bourbon Snobbery

The noted wine critic Robert Parker recently forayed into reviewing bourbon and came under intense fire from enthusiasts of American whiskey.

It’s Illegal to Photograph Your Ballot. In America.

Posting pictures of your ballot to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a crime in some parts of America.

Paul Ryan’s Marathon Fish Story

In a radio interview last week, Paul Ryan claimed to have run a sub-3 hour marathon. He did no such thing.

Clint Eastwood Channels James Stockdale

After three days of buildup to a “mystery speaker,” the closing night of the Republican convention featured a rambling performance by Clint Eastwood and an empty chair.

Jack Daniels Issues Nicest Cease-and-Desist Ever

The cover of Patrick Wensink’s novel Broken Piano for President bore a striking resemblence to the label of a certain quality Tennessee sour mash whiskey. So, Jack Daniel’s’ lawyer sent him a nice note.

Dog Bites Man

Booze and Social Status

Scotch consumption is a leading economic indicator.

National Guard Gets Joint Chiefs of Staff Slot For No Apparent Reason

Despite the opposition of the SECDEF and Joint Chiefs, the latter expanded yesterday.

Late Night OTB – It’s Time to Switch to Whiskey

“It’s Time to Switch to Whiskey” by Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans

The USA and the LRA

This is looking less crazy, less sudden, and less an exercise in presidential whimsy than it seemed.

Palin and History

Palin has some odd things to say about US history.

Megan McArdle On Atlas Shrugged: An Incoherent Mess

Even libertarians aren’t all that impressed with the effort to bring Ayn Rand’s magnum opus to the big screen.

Mixologist, Bring Me a Beer

Sarah Deming has a longish column “Against Mixology,” decrying both the use of that title by barkeeps and, more importantly, the snootiness which often attends those who do.

Booze Math: How Much Do Alcoholics Drink?

Experts say 80% of all alcohol sales go to people with drinking problems. The mathematics of that are staggering.

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