Trump Weighs Options In Syria While His Twitter Taunting Foolishly Risks Escalation

President Trump took to Twitter this morning and decided poke a stick in the eye of the Russian bear.

Almost All Of Syria’s Chemical Weapons Have Been Removed, Should Obama Get The Credit?

The removal of chemical weapons from Syria is nearly complete. Does Obama deserve credit for that?

UN Report Finds Syria Sarin Use (Updated)

The next shoe has dropped on the case against Bashar al-Assad for the use of chemical weapons.

Of Course You Realize This Means War

John Kerry’s speech was the crossing of the Rubicon for US military action in Syria.

The Hazards of Red Lines

Has Bashar al-Assad crossed the red line drawn by President Obama? And does it matter?

Obama Warns Syria On Chemical Weapons Use

President Obama issued a warning to Syria today over its chemical weapons stockpiles.