Would-be Vampire Hunter Desecrates Milosevic’s Grave

Serbian President Slobadan Milosevic’s grave has been descrated by a man in what appears to be an attempt to prevent any evil spirits from escaping.

Former President Slobodan Milosevic’s grave has been desecrated by a man who pierced it with a wooden pole in an ancient Balkan ritual to make sure that an evil spirit never returns, his former party said Monday.

The man, whose name is Miroslav Milosevic but who is not related to the ex-Serbian president, said he carried out the “performance” to spite Milosevic admirers who have been preparing to mark the first anniversary of the autocrat’s death.

From this article, it’s tough to say if Miroslav was actually trying to prevent Milosevic’s undead resurrection or if he was just making a political point. Still, I prefer to believe it’s the former. That makes the world a much more interesting place to be in. Especially if the ritual worked.

After all, the last thing the geopolitical scene needs right now is an undead genocidal dictator running around. How would you feasibly deal with a vampire tyrant, anyway? I don’t think economic sanctions would be sufficient, and military force has traditionally proven useless against the undead.

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  1. carpeicthus says:

    I think this was a publicity stunt for the new Buffy comic book.

  2. What’s the approved mid-east ritual on keeping the undead dead?