Zany Primaries? Or Democratic Party Nepotism? Or Neither?

Zany, at least according to the Washington Post (isn’t zany an editorial comment?)

Jack Carter, the son of former president Jimmy Carter, won the Democratic senatorial nomination Tuesday and will face Republican incumbent John Ensign in November. Also in Nevada, voters picked candidates in two wide-open and sometimes zany primaries to replace Republican Gov. Kenny Guinn.

With 64 percent of precincts reporting, Carter claimed 78.6 percent of the vote to defeat middle school teacher Ruby Jee Tun. Ensign had won more than 90 percent of the vote over Ed “Fast Eddie” Hamilton of Las Vegas, with 68 percent of precincts reporting.

OK, I had to read this a couple of time, there are two issues here, the Senate and the Governor, both in the same paragraph. He isn’t in GA, he is in NV, one of the fastest growing states.

From Fox, we have more detail, including some of the highest election numbers I’ve seen in recent times

Carter claimed 78 percent of the vote in early returns to defeat political unknown Ruby Jee Tun of Carson City, a middle school science teacher. Ensign won with 90 percent of the vote over Ed “Fast Eddie” Hamilton of Las Vegas, a former Chrysler Corp. supervisor.

OK, this is just a primary, but 80% and 90% ? Sounds like a mandate to me.

The fact is that there are political dynasties in the USA, because folks that are interested in politics imbue in their children an interest in politics. We have examples on both sides of the aisle back to the foundation of this Republic (such as the Adams’, Roosevelt’s, Kennedy’s, and Bush’s). If you do not like it, run against them.

I’m sure Jack Carter is not his father (who I think was the smartest President of the last 50 years, but unable to lead nor effectively manage, so one of the worst Presidents of this century). I have not been following the Nevada Senate race, but I predict this could become interesting. This race, along with the WA State race between McGavick and Cantwell will help decide the Republican Party direction.

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Richard Gardner
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  1. Dave Schuler says:

    so one of the worst Presidents of this century

    Not to pick nits but that would be of the 20th century. The competition for that title is pretty fierce (considering Harding, for example) but Carter is certainly in the running.

  2. Steven Plunk says:

    Part of being smart is to be able to lead and manage.

  3. “I have not been following the Nevada Senate race, but I predict this could become interesting.”

    Just a hint, outside of one poll that had it as a 7 point race, Ensign has had a 20+ point lead in every poll. Latest poll was 21 points on August 14th. Check your predicto-meter, it might be on the fritz.

    Now the Cantwell/McGavick race certainly has the potential to be interesting.

    Just as a point of order, why haven’t the democrats purged Cantwell for her pro-war votes? Could it be because a Lamont/Lieberman split of the democratic party there would all but guarantee a McGavick win?

  4. TheHat says:

    Carter smart? Give me a break. He had no clue as about Economics. He drove the American economy into the toilet. He had no clue about American spirit. He blamed the countries problems on ‘American Malaise’. He was proved wrong on both counts by President Ronald Reagan.
    Smart? Not by my standard!