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The Octopuses Garden Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



(PRNewsFoto/Newport Aquarium)

The Winners:

First: GollumHasbro introduces the Obama Claus – – in way over his head, yet remarkably cheerful.

Second: Patrick T McGuire – Due to TSA delays in clearing his carry on baggage, Santa was forced to use alternative transportation.

Third: peterh – Sooo… long story short… after the Russians exercised their eminent domain on my North Pole property, I moved the biz to New Orleans where I thought I got a great deal on this parcel of land….any other friggin’ questions…

Honorable Mention:

radio free fred – “Another Attempt By The A.C.L.U. To Water Down Christmas.”

Grewgills – Now comes! Now arnei! Now, capensis and villosus!… On, coronatus! On, erectus! On, barbouri and borbonensis!

Scott_T – Santa’s new way to avoid the US Air Force’s Santa Tracker system, but now he had to contend with US Navy’s nuclear sub fleet.

Roger – Sorry, Charlie! That gift is for AquaMan.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

Ted Kennedy finds a Christmas role for which he is particular well suited.

On Teddy, On MaryJo, on Squidmore and Plankton,
On Cousteau, on Flipper, On Sponge Bob, and Kraken.
To the top of the sea, to the top of Dam
Now Splash away, splash away, and off they swam.

New TSA requirements call for an escort of Sharks with friggin’ lasers on their heads

That’ll leave a watermark

The fredspersuader Thursday Contest is hunting for a running mate.

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