CPAC: Kevin McCullough Show II

Photo: Kevin McCullough doing radio at CPAC2005 While lunching with Julian Sanchez (Reason and Notes from the Lounge) and Robin Burke (West Point and Winds of Change), I managed to completely forget about my radio engagement!

Kevin was very nice about the whole thing and fit me back in a few moments ago and we chatted for several minutes. It was different–and much more enjoyable–doing a radio show in person vice over the telephone.

We talked quite a bit about the nature of accountability in the blogosphere and our role in informing the public.

Kevin also asked whether I would favor a requirement to pass a basic test on the candidates to be allowed to vote. While I find the idea amusing and satisfying at one level, I rejected it as a matter of policy. While the voters are mostly rather clueless on the issues, I continue to believe they are able to make “informed” decisions on candidates via a lot of proxy measures like parties, talk radio personalities, and the like.

Listen to the show via digital audio stream if you’re interested.

Update (1641): Kevin’s off the air and has compiled his roundup at his blog. He has links to the segments of every blogger who was on today.

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