Al Gore Definitely Probably Not Running in 2008

Al Gore has announced that he will definitely not be running for president again in 2008, Reuters reports: “Al Gore says that he will not run in the 2008 election, saying he was involved in ‘”a different kind of campaign.'”

Bloomberg has a somewhat different take:

The success of Gore’s film has put him back in the public spotlight and raised speculation he may run in the next presidential election in 2008. Gore has said he hasn’t ruled out making another run for president, but he doesn’t “expect” to launch a campaign. He made the comments during a visit to Australia in September, where he was promoting his film.

Gore and Senator Hillary Clinton of New York are statistically tied with Republicans Rudolph Giuliani, the former New York City mayor, and McCain in a new poll by CNN last month on the 2008 presidential race.

Then again, the Bloomberg story doesn’t include a direct quote from yesterday, instead relying on a several-months-old statement.

My guess is that Gore won’t run simply because he is unlikely to win in what looks to be an incredibly crowded field. Then again, if he ever wants to be president, 2008 could be his last shot. He’ll turn 60 during the 2008 primaries (March 31, to be precise). If a Democrat wins, he would be locked out until 2016. Granted, 68 isn’t as old as it once was and Ronald Reagan got elected at 69 and John McCain will turn 72 around the time of the 2008 conventions. Still, by that point he’ll have been out of office fifteen years.

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James Joyner
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  1. I think that Al Gore recognizes that if he doesn’t run, he can be a democratic rock star for the rest of his life. If he runs and loses, he will be a democratic pariah for the rest of his life.

  2. Eneils Bailey says:

    At this point it is easier to maintain a list of those not running in 2008.
    Algore is approaching this from a practical point of view. By early 2008 we will all be up to our armpits in hot water from the melting icecaps and baking in the sun streaming through the unprotected atmosphere.
    If we are not toast by 2008 general election, my money is still on the pickle guy.