Presidents Reagan And Obama Teach Trump How To Respond To Racism And Hate

Some Presidents knew how to respond to racism and hatred. The current President doesn’t.

Judge Orders John W. Hinckley Jr. Freed

Thirty five years after trying to kill President Reagan, John W. Hinckley Jr. is close to being a free man.

Nancy Reagan Dead At 94

Nancy Reagan was a crucial part what made Ronald Reagan the man he was, and today she passed away at the age of 94.

Republican Candidates Abandon Reagan’s Optimism In Favor Of Doom And Gloom

To listen to many of the Republican candidates for President, it would appear that the lights have been turned out on Ronald Reagan’s shining city on a hill.

On Foreign Policy, Conservatives Should Leave Ronald Reagan Behind

Relying on the policies of a man who was President in a very different time is not a substitute for a rational foreign policy.

Former Senator Howard Baker Dies At 88

One of Washington’s giants has passed away.

At Normandy, Obama Continues A Tradition That Reagan Started

For the fourth time in 30 years, an American President spoke at Normandy to honor a day of sacrifice and triumph.

Debunking A Myth: Reagan Was Leading Carter Long Before That Final October Debate

Ronald Reagan was leading Jimmy Carter long before the two men met in Cleveland on October 28th, 1980.

Obama Campaign Dodges Reagan’s Question

The Obama campaign clearly does not want Americans to consider whether they are better off now than they were four years ago.

Jeb Bush: Reagan And My Father Have No Place In the Modern GOP

How would modern Republicans treat Ronald Reagan and his Vice-President?

Ronald Reagan and the Iran Hostage Crisis

Did Ronald Reagan’s impending inauguration help get our hostages released after 444 days?

Santorum’s Gospel Of Doom And Gloom

Rick Santorum’s stump speeches have becoming increasingly dark.

What Newt Gingrich Really Thought Of Ronald Reagan

He may be praising Ronald Reagan now, but Newt Gingrich was singing a different tune in the 1980s.

Christian Conservatives Have A Very Selective Memory Of Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan wasn’t really much a of a “Christian Conservative.”

Newt Gingrich, You’re No Ronald Reagan

Like many Republicans before him, Newt Gingrich is trying to claim the mantle of Reagan. He is the one least entitled to it.

In Today’s GOP, Reagan Is A RINO

The Ronald Reagan that Republicans lionize is very different from the one who actually served as 40th President of the United States.

Mitt Romney at Daytona 500 Mitt Romney at Daytona 500

Mitt Romney, Republican Frontrunner, Cipher

Mitt Romney starts his 2012 run as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. But, in reinventing himself yet again, the “authenticity” issue that troubled many of us in 2008 looms again.

Ronald Reagan America’s Greatest President?

In a new Gallup poll, Americans rank Ronald Reagan as America’s Greatest President.

Reflections On Ronald Reagan At 100

Ronald Reagan would have turned 100 today. Here are some thoughts on his legacy.

Remembering Reagan, Palin Paints A Dark Picture Of America’s Future

Sarah Palin spoke about Ronald Reagan last night, but seems to have forgotten the optimism that is part of The Gipper’s legacy.

Thirty Years Later: How Iran Beat Us, More Than Once

Thirty years after the hostages were freed from captivity in Iran, the United States still hasn’t figured out how to deal with the Islamic Republic.

Alzheimer’s Claims In New Book Lead To Reagan Family Feud

A new book by President Reagan’s youngest son raises allegations that the former President was showing signs of Alzheimer’s Disease while still in office, and that’s led to a family feud between the two Reagan brothers.

NATO-Russia Missile Defense Cooperation

NATO-Russia cooperation on missile defense is a welcome step forward.

Ronald Reagan: RINO

The “Ronald Reagan” that many of today’s conservatives wish today’s Republicans were more like didn’t actually exist.

Like Beer? Thank Jimmy Carter!

A Southern Baptist Democratic president hated by conservatives is largely responsible for the rise of the American craft brew industry.

Why Dan Reihl Should Stop Being A Jerk

Too many conservatives forget Ronald Reagan’s dictum that “somebody who agrees with you 80% of the time is an 80% friend not a 20% enemy.”

Historians: Obama Better Than Reagan!

A survey of historians ranks Obama as the 15th best president ever, ahead of Ronald Reagan and behind Bill Clinton.

Speaking of Reagan…

If people feel the need to evoke Reagan, it would be nice if they would evoke the real one, rather than an alt reality version.

Fitting in at CPAC

Teleprompter Jokes

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