America Thanks You Ad (Video)

A commercial from Move America Forward thanking America’s fighting men for their service in the global war on terror in general and Iraq in particular.

Joe Wierzbicki sends with the message, “We at Move America Forward will begin broadcasting this pro-troop ad later this week (starting on Wednesday or Thursday ). We are so proud of the heroic service of the men and women of the United States military and the progress they have made in the war on terrorism.”

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James Joyner
About James Joyner
James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm veteran. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. ken says:

    Celebrating the deaths of unknown foreigners while our many of our schools are being terrorized by drug gangs and bragging about repaired roads while we suffer traffic congestion and potholes is going to backfire.

    The sentiment is OK but reminding Americans through advertising that those in control care more about Iraqi hospitals than American health care is not going to accomplish what the producers of this ad intended.

  2. Christopher says:


    What are you talking about, dude? Are you high?

    Americans have the BEST health care system in the w-o-r-l-d! And everyone has access to it.

    And what do schools have to do with it? School funding is state & local. Do u know the meaning of the word local? (look it up).

  3. AHS ILERI says:

    Would like to be able to contribute towards this move…from overseas and as a non US citizen who believes in supporting US troops and Coalition Forces in the GWOT. Contrary to popular understanding, not all of the “regions citizens” oppose the US military action in Iraq or elsewhere…as a matter of fact it is widely supported but not reflected in overall foreign policy owing to various reasons which are beyond brief discussion.
    Maybe an OTB posting with assistance/instructions as to how the world may provide support/contributions would be of benefit…

  4. Bhoe says:

    What a total crock! You should point out, James, that Move America Forward is fronted by Howard Kaloogian, who famously used pictures on his campaign website of a bustling city in Turkey to show that life was returning to normal in…Baghdad!

    The guy is a second-rate propagandist, which is clearly on display in this latest embrace of cynicism and duplicity.

  5. Christopher says:

    Hey, Ehoe,

    I’m curious of what exactly it is you think is a total croc. Is it the deaths of volunteer America soldiers? Is it the help we are providing to the Iraqi people? Is it the terrorists we are killing in the middle east? Please be more specific in your liberal rants. Oh wait! I forgot. Liberals have no specifics.

  6. Joe says:


    I am offended by your attacks against the pro-troop group, Move America Forward and one of our founders, Howard Kaloogian.

    1 picture out of HUNDREDS that were taken was mislabeled. It was from the return trip through Istanbul where part of the delegation stopped.

    You make it sound like Kaloogian or MAF tried to mislead people, which was not the case and your attempt to insinuate such dishonors the noble mission of the “Voices of Soldiers” tour.

    I have to say though, that anyone who calls reporting on the members of Al Qaeda/Islamic terrorists who have been captured/killed/detained is “propaganda” then I have to ask which side are you rooting for?

    All the things reported in that ad are true. If we’ve gotten something wrong perhaps you would like to point them out.

    Until then, please, do the troops a favor and send a care package to them instead of attacking their accomplishments as “propaganda.”

  7. ken says:

    Joe, perhaps you think that the American people love Iraq more than they love their own country? I am willing to concede your right to put the welfare of arabs ahead of the welfare of Americans but I don’t think most of us will agree with you.

    If you supported our troops you would be calling for them to be brought home instead of cheering them on in an illegal and immoral war.

  8. Bhoe says:

    All the things reported in that ad are true. If we�ve gotten something wrong perhaps you would like to point them out.


    I would think a PR hack like yourself would know what the word “propaganda” means, since that’s your business.

    Your firm, Russo, Marsh and Rogers has been hired by the Kurdish Regional Government to shill for their interests in Washington.

    One of the things that your buddy and financeer, PUK representative Qubad Talbiani, wants to do is get the US to build a permanent base in Kurdistan, so this type of simplistic “support the troops” rhetoric will make it more politically palatable for the US to maintain a permanent presence in Iraq.

    Instead of having a promoting genuine dialogue about American interests in the region, your ad acts to obsfucate and conveniently help the interests of your client.

    Just for the record, how much are the Kurds paying for the services of Russo Marsh & Rogers, Joe?

  9. Joe says:

    Ken: I would point out to you that the United States faced attack by Islamic terrorists for 20 years before FINALLY mounting a response. I would say that is a very pro-American response, and not one that puts what you have referred to as ‘Arabs over Americans.’

    Bhoe: Are you aware of the fact that Russo Marsh + Rogers, work with the Kurds came well over 1 year AFTER the launch of Move America Forward.

    Are you aware of the fact that the founders, Melanie Morgan and Howard Kaloogian, receive no compensation for their work with MAF?

    We were retained to do *some* work for the Kurdistan Regional Government in part because of our firm’s dedicated support for the mission in Iraq.

    You seem to have the two reversed. If you think that our ad “obfuscates” the progress (in addition to the setbacks) that our troops have experienced in Iraq, then I again will state what I have already said:

    It seems like you are rooting for America to fail in the fight on terrorism, and specifically the war effort in Iraq.

  10. Bhoe says:


    I gotta hand it to you, you’re indefatigable at the PR game: trying to switch the subject with non-answers to the question I posed (i.e. how much has Russo, Marsh & Rogers been compensated by the Kurdish government for US propaganda activities?)

    Let’s keep in mind the relevant facts:

    Your firm has been hired by a foreign government and you are now engaged in a propaganda campaign designed to influence American public opinion.

    This is even more egregious given the fact that your sugardaddy–the Kurdistan Regional Government–has been getting millions of US taxpayer dollars for “reconstruction” efforts over the past few years.

    It seems relevant to point out that some of that money is indirectly finding its way back to a PR firm engaged in propaganda measures directed towards US citizens.

    I am sure you and your buddies at Russo are having a wonderful time “supporting the troops” while you’re rolling in US taxpayer money funneled through Kurdistan.

    Most Americans, however, don’t appreciate the subterfuge of a firm that gets money from a foreign goverment hijacking US patriotism to influence the debate over the Bush administration’s failed foreign policy.

    James, I hope that Joe and the Russo crew are paying you top-dollar for prime space on your blog. I am sure they are getting paid handsomely for it! You might as well cash in, too!

  11. ken says:

    Joe, I don’t doubt your commitment to Iraq and your love of the Arab people. But just because you put them ahead of American interests does not mean we agree with you on this. I know you are getting paid for all this but I do not think that necessarily means you are a hypocrite. It is probable you just have your priorities all screwed up.

  12. Bhoe says:

    Joe, I don�t doubt your commitment to Iraq and your love of the Arab people. But just because you put them ahead of American interests does not mean we agree with you on this.

    Ken, Just for the record, Joe is a shill for the Kurds–not the Arabs.

  13. Joe says:

    Bhoe: You are so off base I don’t think you even realize it.

    Move America Forward hasn’t received one red cent from any foreign government.

    It is Move America Forward who has an ad that you consider “propaganda” because it rightly points out the accomplishments of U.S. Troops.

    What clients we at Russo Marsh + Rogers, Inc. have had is of no bearing to Move America Forward. You can call me a shill or a hack all you want.

    What you might be ignorant of is the fact that I am a Move America Forward donor myself.

    As I see it, the divide that exists in this country results in three schools that people are pretty much in:

    * Support the troops/support the mission folks – our nation was attacked and we are fighting back to make sure this never happens again. THIS WOULD BE WHERE I FALL.

    * Oppose the mission/not happy we’re in Iraq for a variety of reasons. Think it was either a mistake or we were lied to. However, not an anti-military type.

    Here’s the 3rd:

    * Oppose the mission for whatever reasons so strongly that you root against success. “Good news” from Iraq is “bad news” for you. Whether this is politically motivated (you may hate Bush or the Republican Party which largely backs the war) or ideologically driven (you might see a giant military-industrial complex engaged in killing of innocence and want it brought to a stop as quickly as possible which means you hope for a quick, humiliating end to the conflict).

    Now, the fact that you don’t like that my firm works for the Kurdish government (oh my God how evil, we work for the most pro-American faction!). Are you anti-Kurd too?

    Perhaps next time Move America Forward does a TV ad criticizing the United Nations (as was previously done) you can come out with anti-Semitic/anti-Jewish invective?

  14. Joe says:

    Ken: As I just posted to Bhoe, I am a contributor to Move America Forward. I’m a believer in the cause of the organization and my efforts go well beyond anything required by my employment for Russo Marsh + Rogers.

  15. Bhoe says:

    What clients we at Russo Marsh + Rogers, Inc. have had is of no bearing to Move America Forward.


    Come on! Who are you trying to fool! Move America Forward was set up by Russo! You guys share the same offices, for crying out loud!

    The next thing you’ll tell us is that there is no connection between The King Media Group and Russo Marsh!

    Russo has a long history of setting up non-profit tax shelters.

    These things are set up for you all to basically raise money tax free and avoid disclosure requirements that regulate honest political groups.

    I wish you the best Joe. But, unfortunately, your propaganda campaigns are running a bit tired and, I am afraid, that their ability to convince is eroding rapidly.

  16. Joe says:

    Bhoe: Move America Forward files IRS statements every year. We spell out exactly how much we’ve raised and how it’s spent.

    MAF has also been open with the press… we raised around $1 million in our first year. That pales in comparison to, but it’s respectable for a pro-troop grassroots organization.

    MAF has sent over 15 tons of coffee, cookies, Gatorade, Beef jerky to our troops. A lot of our revenue goes to this program.

    The other big expenditure for MAF is radio and TV advertising, rallying Americans to stand behind the men and women of the military and the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    MAF’s final major focus is the rallies and events we have done to, again, keep morale up for the mission our troops are serving in.

    That’s the unglamorous truth. But it’s also what makes MAF strong as an organization.

  17. Joe says:

    Bhoe: Uggh I did a whole other post answering your other points but forgot to hit the final confirmation “post” button.

    I’ll try to repost tomorrow.