Anthony Weiner Looking For Interns

Oh, this will end well:

Calling all co-eds — sexting king Anthony Weiner wants you!

The mayoral wild card has put out a call for passionate young campaign interns who can handle both the rigors of his bizarre bid for mayor and the snickers they’re sure to get from their friends and family.

“If you want to join the most exciting campaign of the year . . . we want you to help Anthony Weiner become the next mayor,” reads an online advertisement for the unpaid positions. “His campaign is looking for interns and fellows to join our team, immediately!”

The ad says the former Queens congressman wants interns who can use “social media to enhance our message.”

Of course, the former Congressman already knows about the value of social media for, umm, image enhancement.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Moosebreath says:

    All applicants required to send a picture, and will get one in return.

  2. CSK says:

    Well, that ought to give things a boost.

  3. John Peabody says:

    Anyone named “Monica” need not apply.

  4. stonetools says:

    You know, I’m sure Dave Vitter and Mark Sanford also recruited volunteers and interns. I don’t remember Doug remarking on it. I get the prurient interest here, but it seems that at the OTB there is no mocking of Republican politicians who do sex offenses.

  5. James Joyner says:

    @stonetools: I wrote about the Vitter scandal when it broke in July 2007, both noting Vitter’s hypocrisy and yet arguing that it shouldn’t be illegal to engage in prostitution. On the other hand, we’ve been pretty merciless with the likes of Sanford and Larry Craig.

  6. legion says:

    Of course, the former Congressman already knows about the value of social media for, umm, image enhancement.

    So, he’s just looking for someone with mad Photoshop skillz, right?

  7. Caj says:

    I doubt Anthony Weiner will win but I don’t see anything wrong with him running! What he did was absolutely stupid but he never left his wife and family. It appears any wrong doing by a Republican is perfectly fine. With all the adulterers, prostitute users and even a guy looking for some gay action! For some reason God will forgive them and it’s no big deal. Yet Anthony Weiner is being talked about as if what he did was so awful compared to actually cheating on your wife, which in my world is far worse!