Battleground States Polls


FLORIDA (WFOR-TV/SurveyUSA): Bush-51%, Kerry-46%. The lead in the Sunshine State continues to swing back and forth.

NEVADA (/SurveyUSA): Bush-50%, Kerry-46%. Bush continues to hold a slight edge.

NEW JERSEY (WABC-TV/SurveyUSA): Kerry-50%, Bush-45%. NJ continues to remains surprisingly close in what is normally a solid Dem state. NEW JERSEY (Bergen Record/Research 2000): Kerry-50%, Bush-42%, Nader-2%.

OHIO (Columbus Dispatch): Bush-51%, Kerry-44%, Nader-4%. Ohio is to the Bush campaign what NJ or PA are to the Kerry campaigns: a costly effort to hold a base it should normally hold.

PENNSYLVANIA (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/Mason-Dixon): Kerry-45%, Bush-44%. Still remains neck-and-neck.

RealClear Politics has an archive of the latest polls in all the battleground states. It shows Bush leading Florida by an average of 6, Ohio by 3.3, Colorado by 6, and Pennsylvania by 0.7. Kerry leads New Jersey by 4.6, Michigan by 0.5, and Oregon by 2.7. It lists several other “battleground” states, such as Missouri and Washington, that are being dominated by one or the other.

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