Beltway Traffic Jam

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  • Feddie/Steve discovers that the current Supreme Court justices are really frickin’ old.
  • Bill Hobbs notes that the Segway is selling better than expected–whatever that means.
  • John Hudock is bemused that is now blaming Bush for hurricanes.
  • Fritz Schrank discovers that “McGreevy” is now an official verb in New Jersey.
  • Tiger reflects on how much things have changed since he was in college.
  • Dodd Harris reluctantly concludes that one of the major party presidential nominees is “arrogant and asinine.”
  • Kevin Aylward unearths another idiotic quotation from Tuhraysah Heinz Kerry.

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Update (1746): Promised linkage completed.

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  1. Tiger says:

    ~preceded by a Homeresque “Woo-Hoo! I made the marquee! I made the marquee!”~

    Thanks to everyone responsible for this prestigious award!