Bernie Sanders Wins Maine Caucuses

Just hours before hitting a debate stage in Flint, Michigan, Bernie Sanders pulled off a win in the Maine Caucuses but it didn’t help him much in the delegate count:

Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic caucuses in Maine, according to the Associated Press.

The Vermont senator’s victory is his third of the weekend, along with wins in Kansas and Nebraska on Saturday, and his eighth state overall.

Sanders had courted the state’s voters aggressively, while Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton had not made an appearance in the state since September. Both have counted on surrogates, with actress Susan Sarandon campaigning for Sanders, and Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan on Tuesday for Clinton.

Sanders has done well in states with largely white populations — like Maine — but has struggled among non-white voters, especially across the South.

In the end, Sanders won the state by a 2-to-1 margin, but his win didn’t really help him close the delegate gap with Secretary Clinton. Of the state’s 22 delegates, Sanders was awarded 15 and Clinton was awarded 7, giving Sanders a net gain of eight delegates on Clinton, which, given how the delegate count stands, doesn’t really amount to very much.

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