Bird Flu Policy In Canada: Stockpiling Death

In a story revealing that Canadian physicians are setting aside doses of the antiviral drug Tamiflu for family and friends in the event that forecasts of a bird flu pandemic are borne out, the CBC lists the reasons against “stockpiling”:

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Allison McGeer of Toronto’s Mount Sinai said she understands why some of her colleagues are acquiring a personal stockpile of Tamiflu. Ethically, though, she said the federal government should be protecting everyone.

“The best protection if we don’t have vaccine is one dose of prophylactic for every Canadian for every day for two waves of the pandemic,” McGeer said.

The idea of personal stockpiles of Tamiflu worries most public health officials like McGeer, and some are advising doctors against writing the prescriptions.

The reasons against stockpiling are:

  • The resistance hypothesis ? Widespread use of Tamiflu among patients with influenza could lead to resistant strains of flu, potentially making the drug useless.
  • Shelf-life: Tamiflu is only guaranteed for five years, yet no one knows when a pandemic will hit.
  • Equity: At $5 per pill, not everyone will be able to afford a personal stockpile.
  • Emphasis mine.

    We have just been reminded that simply having the financial resources to purchase your own medications is reason enough to be denied access to them.

    This is what Trudeaupia has come to. We are rapidly moving past the “equity” of months long waiting lists and zero-tier Health Care Prohibition Zones into a hyper-socialist model where “universality” is defined as a government policy that applies as equally to health care denied as it does health care provided.

    With a shelf life of 5 years, a family’s investment in Tamiflu works out to $1 a year per pill, per person. In the insanity that has become the Canadian health care system, this fact is actually cited as a reason not to allow Canadians to make it.

    Without saying so in so many words, official government policy towards the pandemic we are all being warned is coming, is this: until every Canadian can afford to set aside a handful of $5 pills, death equity for Canadians will remain official Canadian Government policy.

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