Michele is in one of her moods again:

I would like to propose a bill that would outlaw the phrase “I just spit all over my keyboard” or “You owe me a new keyboard” or any similar phrases indicating that someone’s humor is so hilarious that you cannot hold your liquid refreshment in your mouth when reading his/her jokes/posts, etc.

It’s worn out, it’s lost it’s original punch and let’s face it – nobody really means it when they write it.

If there are any other internet-type phrases you would like to see banned forever, please let me know. I’ll get a bill going for next election day. Ok, maybe just a stupid poll.

Indeed. Go read the whole thing. AFAIK, no one has proposed anything like this before.
Maybe the Blogfather will link it and she’ll get an Instalanche. Of course, if she’s not careful, she could bring out the trolls and ignite a flame war among the donks, wingnuts, and various other asshats in the Blogosphere.

Still, let’s do it for the children. Otherwise, the terrorists will have won.

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  2. The Letter of the Day is F

    Fine thing that you sent Michele some linky-love.
    Fucktards: I hope they don’t show up and ruin everything.
    Fealty: let’s all swear an oath to uphold the new Code of Conduct.