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Rodney Dill
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Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. yetanotherjohn says:

    The Obama administration has recast the cap and trade bill as a jobs bill citing the number of jobs created or saved in shoveling snow.

    White collar jobs aren’t what they use to be.

    Good news is unemployment is down, bad news it is expected to go back up when the snow melts this spring.

    I just don’t think he has the whole ‘shovel snow’ concept down yet.

    With DC shut down, vital US government services, like shoveling tax payer dollars into a furnace to heat Pelosi’s office, have been interrupted.

    The good news is that the snow is only up to his knees, the bad news is he is standing on top the snow plow.

    Some times reality hits you like a shovel to the face, other times you are like a liberal with a shovel imprint on the face and a still thinking that nothing has changed for passing the health care bill.

    In a bipartisan effort to dig DC out of the snow storm, the GOP provided the shovel and Obama is providing the know how.

    Why remembering you could have had a V8 isn’t always a good thing.

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    The bad economy is really affecting Carnac the Magnificent.

  3. Michael Hamm says:

    February’s employment numbers in the snow-shoveling industry have risen to 100 million with Obama’s global warming initiatives.

  4. John Burgess says:

    ‘Dang! I could have had a V-8 snow blower!’

  5. scotty says:

    Never lick the shovel and stick it to your head.

  6. scotty says:

    AP. despite dangerous global warming the south unexpectedly got buried in snow.

  7. FormerHostage says:
  8. JKB says:

    Doh! I could’ve had a V-8 instead of that stupid Prius.

  9. FormerHostage says:

    You load 16 tons, whaddaya get?
    Another day older and deeper in debt!

  10. FormerHostage says:

    When Spring comes he’s got a job with the Whitehouse feeding BS to the press corpse [sic].

  11. JKB says:

    The White House today claimed credit for creating thousands of snow shoveling jobs. When asked how Obama produced the snow, Gibbs replied, “Did you see the job we pulled on the voters back in 2008?”

  12. IrishTexan says:

    ….and then my crazy wife went all ‘Elin Woods’ on me because I wouldn’t shovel the driveway……

  13. Michael Hamm says:

    aargh! Another day of shoveling the $#@& that Washington throws my way.

  14. Rachel Edith says:

    “Take me out to the ball game …”

  15. physics geek says:

    Now that we’re down to only three feet, spring is just around the corner.


    Oh great Cold Miser, please accept this offering from your faithful servant.

    Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem [bonk!]

  16. Phil Smith says:

    Yeah, when I was your age it was like this walking to school both directions.

  17. Todd G says:

    Yea verily the flagellant monks march throught the snow…
    “Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem.”

  18. Todd G says:

    OOps. Now I see I’m not the first Python-ite ’round these parts…
    Props to FormerHostage

  19. Basil says:

    Flick and Schwartz were right; it will stick!

  20. William d'Inger says:

    On the bright side, when I do make it to the office, the shovel will come in handy for dealing with the boss’ B.S.

  21. D. Dean says:

    It ain’t easy being the head shoveler.

  22. elliot says:

    Oh crap, I’ll never find my missing contact!!!

  23. ryuge says:

    “This shovel ain’t ready, and neither am I”

  24. Maggie Mama says:

    Why did I “Think snow”?

    sNOw more!

    Damn. The wife told me to sign that snowploy contract last October.

    Did I really say “Plow, I don’t need no stinking plow?”

    When you work at One Observatory Circle, things get real deep fast …snow in the winter and Biden’s bulls–t the rest of the year.

  25. elliot says:

    AAhhh, I forgot the damn instructions.

  26. Hodink says:

    “No, no … nothing crazy. Just seeing how I’d look as a red head.”

  27. DL says:

    He took my snow blower and handed me this and I voted for him?

    I finally shovelled out to the mailbox to find I’m being audited by the IRS.

    Let’s see if I remember now – slide under, lift up, throw – slide under, lift up, throw, slide….