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The Now What? Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



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First: bystander – A sneak preview of the cast of the ’09 season of ‘The Office’.

Second: Chadzilla – Barack – “Joe, did you hear something?” Al – “I said I’d like to talk about my global warming plan!” Barack – “There it is again…”

Third: Floyd – bore, bored, and board


Hodink – “Joe, please tell Al it’s a nice offer but I don’t want to trade the Presidency for his Nobel Peace Prize, his Inconvenient Truth Oscar, the right to say I invented the Internet and his left over hanging chads.”

Maggie – Hey, let’s make a “stupid” sandwich.

DL – Gee, I didn’t realize Al liked gin that much.

DL – None of the three wise men noticed the 57 stars on the flags.


Tribond: Dumb, Jack, Lard

OK, Its agreed Al plays the piano for our Nairobi Trio skit.

“Now all I need is a bowl of soup.”

L to R: “My glass is half empty.” “My glass is full… what I had left and half of yours.” “Bush stole everything from my F*ck’n glass.”

The lordofsithMonday Contest is flushed with excitement about the upcoming festivities.

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