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The Freakness Stakes Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



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First: Triumph – Obama’s “team of rivals” arrives for a White House cabinet meeting.

Second: charles austinI’m tellin’ ya, you better let the donkey win.

Third: Stormy DragonPanicked Americans misinterpret warnings to wear masks to protect themselves from Swine Flu.


KVC – With so many qualified Supreme Court candidates available, Obama decided to narrow the field with a more objective format.

ElmoGit outta of my way, I’m first in line! (Tuesday morning, November 6, 2012).

yetanotherjohnThe race to fill Souter’s supreme court seat is on.

elliot – #13 runs for his life, after the others found out he’s the one who put itching powder in all their costumes.

Maggie Mama – The Obama Administration has a very relaxed dress code for White House staff members.


DRUDGEBREAKING: Today President Obama corrected his previous statement that his bowling was like the Special Olympics. “I really meant my bowling is like the Animalympics,” Obama said. A lawsuit to be filed by PETA is expected later today.

“How come the Lawyer’s always in the lead, even after to rules change?”

“Who invited the M—– F—— White Rabbit to the Easter Egg Roll?”

The cincodebaseballThursday Contest has already balked at Obama’s Socialist agenda.

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