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This almost goes in the Gone Hollywood section, but Cher is doing a class act in gathering attention to the troops, while still opposing the concept of the war in Iraq. She is putting her money (over $130K) and celeb status behind an effort to improve soldiers’ helmets.

Cher, who opposes the war in Iraq but supports the troops, says using her celebrity to promote effective helmets for U.S. soldiers is rewarding — and “the right thing to do.”

“To be able to use your celebrity for something that you really think is worthwhile is so rewarding,” the 60-year-old singer-actress says in an interview that aired Wednesday night on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.” “It just makes you feel like this is the right thing to do. This is the American thing to do,” she tells Cooper. Excerpts of the interview were released in advance.

Cher says it makes her angry “when people say that if you’re not for the war, you don’t support the troops. And I’m not for the war. And I really support the troops.”

It turns out she called in to CSPAN over Memorial Day Weekend, shocking the host once he recognized the “Malibu, California” voice

“Hello? This is Malibu, Calif., I’m going to try to be really calm while I’m talking about this. … ” Cher told Scully.

“Is this Cher?” he asked, after recognizing her world-famous voice.

“Yeah,” she said. “I know that I am an entertainer and from Hollywood and should have no conscience, but I am an American and I just cannot bear these people for another moment.”

The cost of a helmet upgrade is $71.

Operation Helmet They are making helmet liners that absorb more shock, potentially saving lives. The Army has decided to install these liners in all helmets, the Marines are still studying the issue.

Indeed Cher has made some strong anti-Bush/anti-war statements in the past, but she is showing actual support for the troops, rather than just saying so like so many others have (I would put Al Franken in the same category after his USO tours that were not just PR campaigns; I may disagree with his politics, but I respect him).

60 years old? And “I Believe” she is a well-preserved “one-hundred and three” (adapted from Behind the Music that Sucks).

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  1. Bhoe says:

    ndeed Cher has made some strong anti-Bush/anti-war statements in the past, but she is showing actual support for the troops,

    Nobody with a brain has ever claimed that criticism of Bush have anything to do with the troops.

    Bush is an unwise, misinformed, irrational politician who is responsible for making terribly reckless foregin policy decisions.

    The troops are simply the folks who find themselves having to complete a particular job.

    Cher’s position shouldn’t be considered surprising–it is basically consistent and rational.

    It is only surprising to the misinformed people who don’t comprehend that there is a fundamental distinction between the Commander in Chief and the people who are required to follow his imperatives.

    The whole false positioning equating criticism of Bush’s pgheadedness with criticsim of the troops has been insultingly manipulated by Bush and his supporters to avoid a rational discussion of his foreign policy.

  2. Steven Plunk says:

    To say Bush supporters are avoiding a rational discussion of foreign policy is silly.

    The Chimpy McHitler crowd drowns out rational voices of dissent and creates a hostile environment for mature debate.

    Even using words like “pigheadedness” and talking about Bush “manipulating” his detractors lowers the debate near name calling level.

    Cher should be commended for her efforts without dragging in the other baggage.

  3. This is the first I have heard of the issue, but I have to admit I fear a bit of “up armored Hummers” coming on. If they make the liners optional, that would make a great deal of sense. The shock absorption that could save you from one type of attack, may make it harder to hear, see, more prone to fall off or whatever.

    As a bit of trivia, when they went to the new helmets, the army did a study that said they would only stock certain sizes of helmets (covering roughly 95% of the people joining up). They would have custom helmets made for those who fell outside of the “normal range”. The idea was that it would be cheaper to get custom helmets made to order than to stock the range of sizes for the very large or very small head. That can certainly make sense to me from a bean counter sort of way, but it raises the question about field replacements for damaged or lost helmets. But lets assume for a second it really makes the most sense. What would liners do to this stocking plan?

  4. spencer says:

    If this is the first you have heard of the issue how did you know all the details you just reported?

  5. Lisa says:

    The following link is from PM Land Warrior. This is the new helmet all down range Soldiers will be issued.

    The Army cut other year of execution programs to insure these helmets reach our Soldiers.

  6. Ken says:

    Cher is so dumb…

    It is impossible to support the troops and not support their mission.

    That’s like saying, I think you are basically a good person but you are such a sap for defending my home and way of life. Gee thanks Cher !!!

    Cher’s insightful and unique opinion is nothing more than the standard “I Hate Bush” crowd’s mantra of hate. But I guess when you’re 60 and trying to be 17 you have to kiss butt so your peers won’t call you the loser you obviously are.