Chris Daughtry Voted Off “Idol,” to Front Fuel on “Extra”

Chris Daughtry, a guy of whom I had not heard until today, was last night voted off of “American Idol,” a show I don’t watch. Tonight, he is apparently going to be offered a gig with a major band of which I’ve never heard, Fuel, on a show I wasn’t even aware existed called “EXTRA.”

Details at Gone Hollywood, where I offer my keen insights on the world of pop culture.

James Joyner
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  1. Richard Gardner says:

    Who, What, and with Whom?

  2. Josh Cohen says:

    Fuel is a decent alternarock band (their biggest hit is “Shimmer”, and they have another one that I can’t recall the name of). Although they haven’t done much lately. Maybe this is the way they’ll get themselves to sell some records: by capitalizing on the “wrongfulness” of Chris being voted off AI.

    Amazing that even though I have NEVER watched American Idol, I still know that. A testament to what the news media considers actual news.

  3. Robin Meekins says:

    Chris Daughtry is the most talented contestant they have ever had on American Idol. Although, I do not particularly like that style of music, he should have won this year’s competetion. I said all along that he would win based on his talents but I guess America prefers retarded dancers to great singers. Even though Chris did not win this year, his career, I believe, will skyrocket whoever does win the competetion.