Christine O’Donnell: Extending Unemployment Benefits As Bad As Pearl Harbor Attack

Christine O’Donnell may no longer be running for the Senate, but that isn’t stopping her from opining on the topics of the day:

Christine O’Donnell on Tuesday compared the “tragedy” of extending unemployment benefits to Pearl Harbor and the death of Elizabeth Edwards.

“Today marks a lot of tragedy,” O’Donnell, the Tea Party-backed GOP Senate candidate from Delaware, said Tuesday night during an appearance in Virginia.

“Tragedy comes in threes,” O’Donnell said. “Pearl Harbor, Elizabeth Edwards’s passing and Barack Obama’s announcement of extending the tax cuts, which is good, but also extending the unemployment benefits.

Yea, that’s exactly what it’s like Christine.

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  1. tom p says:

    Has anybody bothered to point out to her that Pearl Harbor did not happen on Dec 7, 2010?

  2. mantis says:

    Has anybody bothered to point out to her that Pearl Harbor did not happen on Dec 7, 2010?

    Well, she remembered watching a documentary about it on TV, and that Ben Affleck guy was there, so it must have been recently, right?

  3. An Interested Point says:

    Wasn’t there somebody around here defending this loon as being treated unfairly and talking about how she was actually going to win the election? The bearded Marxist looks so much better by comparison…

  4. Unfortunately, that is not what Christine said. Here is what Christine actually said:

    “The reason I say this is a tragedy is because his announcement today for economic recovery is more of a potpourri of sound bytes. It’s like he took a little bit of what each party wanted and put it together. It’s not constructive, it’s not a solid plan constructed on sound economic principles.”

    “He is taking piecemeal parts of the full plan — which you could say is cut squared — tax cuts and spending cuts. So it’s not going to work. He’s going to say, see I catered to the Republicans but it didn’t work. It didn’t work because your plan is a result of the spin-doctors’ chop shop. FRANKENOMICS if you will. You know, I mean Frankenstein, not Franken the comedian turned Senator, although both are applicable here.”

    “But what Barack Obama is doing — by doing this piecemeal of potpouri of sound bites, instead of implementing a solid, well- thought out economic plan for recovery based on free-market principles — what he is doing is not only collapsing our nation economically but he’s weakening our collective character as a whole. He is weakening the collective character that defines us as a country, that defines us Americans.”

    O’Donnell later explained further that Obama and the Congress needed to cut spending in order to pay for the extension of unemployment benefits:

    “If we’re going to extend the jobless benefits we have got to cut spending programs and that’s the flaw in his announcement,” O’Donnell said. “That’s the tragedy.”

    Christine O’Donnell earlier mourned the loss of Elizabeth Edwards:

    QUOTE: Right before we got here, I don’t know if you heard it on the news, Elizabeth Edwards passed away. So if we could just remember that family in your prayers. She was a fine woman. And so just have to take an opportunity, just to remember to pray for that family as they are mourning her loss. UNQUOTE