Congressman Apologizes For Confrontation With Filmmaker

A North Carolina television station is reporting that Congressman Bob Etheridge has issued an apology for his on-camera run in with a college filmmaker:

RALEIGH (WTVD) — North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-Lillington) apologized Monday after a conservative blogger posted video on YouTube showing him in a confrontation with men carrying cameras on a Washington D.C. street.

Monday afternoon, Etheridge released the following statement:

“I have seen the video posted on several blogs. I deeply and profoundly regret my reaction and I apologize to all involved. Throughout my many years of service to the people of North Carolina, I have always tried to treat people from all viewpoints with respect. No matter how intrusive and partisan our politics can become, this does not justify a poor response. I have and I will always work to promote a civil public discourse.”

The rest of the story is that Etheridge represents a marginally Republican district, so it will be interesting to see if this has any impact by the time November rolls around.

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  1. Steve Plunk says:

    I wonder if I commit a crime but then apologize how far that will get me? Etheridge is a bully and a wimp knowing full well those boys couldn’t defend themselves without ending up in jail. That’s where he should be.