Counting The Votes On Syria

The Washington Post has a hand chart, which they’ll be continuing to update, of where the votes stand in the House and Senate on authorizing action against Syria.

It’s far too early to tell where things are headed, most of the Senate and more than half of the House have not weighed in as of this morning, but this will be a good site to bookmark and refer back to over the coming week leading up to next week’s debate and votes.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. edmondo says:

    The Democrats seem determined to make 2014 a repeat of 2010.

    Two war parties should make it a lot easier for a lot of Democrats to stay home

  2. al-Ameda says:


    The Democrats seem determined to make 2014 a repeat of 2010.

    So Democrats will pay a political price for asking Congress to authorize (or not) military action against Syria? John McCain is out there telling anyone who will listen, that if Congress fails authorize military action against Syria, it will be a serious failure. Why do I have the feeling that Republicans may pay the political price on this one?

  3. Franklin says:

    Page is broken for me. I don’t see any dots.

  4. bill says:

    ironic, that’s all.

    @al-Ameda: and when is mccain some hero to you anyway? obamaites will support whatever he does or doesn’t do, as this link shows! it’s funny to see the worldwide protests against us doing anything militarily- it’s like deja vu- all over again…..but somehow john kerry is a war-hawk……it’s almost comical.