Cuban Ballet Dancers Defect

Via the BBC:  Cuban ballet dancers defect while on tour in Mexico

Seven members of the National Ballet of Cuba defected during a performing tour of Mexico last month.


Exile website identified the dancers as two men and five women, all in their early 20s. They had now requested asylum in the US, it said.

They are thought to be in Miami, the centre of the US Cuban exile community.

“We were intent on seeking a better artistic life and economic well-being for our families,” Cafe Fuerte quoted one of the group, Annie Ruiz Diaz, as saying.

Cuba:  where the Cold War Era isn’t quite over with as yet.

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  1. rudderpedals says:

    We’d end the embargoes if we were serious about bringing freedom to Cuba. The flood of Americans and American ideas and capital would overwhelm the regime.

  2. 11B40 says:


    We send them Jay-Z and Beyonc√© and we get …..ballet dancers. If that isn’t a reason for continuing the embargo, I don’t know what is.