Donald Trump To Speak At CPAC

This morning’s New York Times reports that real estate magnate Donald Trump will be speaking today at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.:

Donald Trump is telling friends and advisers that he is seriously considering jumping into the Republican presidential race in 2012. To make his point, he has accepted an invitation to appear with other potential candidates at a gathering of conservative activists in Washington.

Mr. Trump is a last-minute addition to the roster of speakers at the Conservative Action Political Conference, organizers said, and is scheduled to address the 10,000 attendees on Thursday afternoon. His appearance would mark the first campaign-style event that Mr. Trump has participated in as he explores whether to begin a political career by running for president.

For weeks, Mr. Trump has been engaged in not-so-quiet discussions about making a potential White House bid, but he has taken few visible steps, beyond television interviews, to test his support and demonstrate his seriousness. By accepting an invitation to appear at the event, Mr. Trump is once again fueling speculation about his political future — and generating maximum exposure in the process.

“Obviously, it’s a tremendous forum to espouse his views and to express the fact that he is legitimately contemplating on this run,” said Michael Cohen, the executive vice president of the Trump organization, who confirmed his attendance at the forum. “He is seriously considering doing this because he’s disgusted with how the country is being run.

So, once again we’ll be talking about Donald Trump. Which is exactly what he wants.

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  1. free bee says:

    TRUMP, the man who brought on our empty, predatory real estate economy,
    and soft-porn, casino-gulag ‘culture —AND a prime, presiding figure during the
    very heyday of the Globalist/CFR—RED Chinese sellout, has ABSOLUTELY NO
    credibility anywhere on the political spectrum in this, the 11th hour of doomed
    POST America…

    WHAT the U.S. needs more than stuffed shirt set-ups is
    an HUAC meets Nuremberg for the FED, and the capstone, TAX-FREE
    ‘charitable’ (i.e. eugenics) foundations and NGO’s ——ASAP.

    “As they’re finishing off their agendas their going to be pulling
    the rug from underneath the American people…”
    -Alan Watt