Dukakis Rules Out Senate Appointment

Former Massachusetts Governor and 1988 Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis has ruled out being appointment to fill John Kerry’s Senate seat if and when he is elevated to Secretary of State:

BOSTON (CBS) – Former Gov. Michael Dukakis says he will not be a candidate for appointment as interim senator should Sen. John Kerry resign to accept appointment as secretary of state.

In a brief State House interview, Dukakis told WBZ News: “I’m headed for the West to teach,” alluding to his annual spring-semester teaching duties at UCLA. “That’s a no,” said Dukakis in reference to a possible appointment by Gov. Deval Patrick to fill the seat until a special election can be held. Dukakis also said he had not been contacted by the governor’s office in regard to a possible appointment.

It would have been amusing to see a Senator Dukakis debating tank appropriations on the Senate floor.

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  1. roger says:

    Better headline: Dukakis tanks idea he will fill senate seat.

  2. bill says:

    this got 1 more comment than i thought it would.