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Dan Drezner rightly makes fun of a NYT piece criticizing bloggers for our wild enthusiasm for the latest beauty products.

Natasha Singer, the object of Drezner’s ridicule, has fallen into the all-too-common mainstream media trap of lumping all blogs together. Usually, it takes the form of pretending that some teenager’s rantings on MySpace are indistinguishable from serious political commentators. In this case, Singer makes the mistake of extrapolating from the handful of bloggers she reads (in this case, fashion bloggers) and making generalized statements.

For the record, the closest I get to a “facial” is semi-daily shaving followed by application of a lotion. (I’ve never written any “wildly enthusiastic prose” about Z Zegna After Shave Balm but I recommend it highly.) Coincidentally, I met Megan McArdle at a Reason happy hour last night but there was no discussion about nail polish.

UPDATE: Dave Weigel provides photographic evidence of said meeting:

James Joyner and Megan McArdle Photo Reason Happy Hour  20070510

And also my lack of enthusiasm for beauty products.

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  1. NoZe says:

    Is that a bald spot developing, James? 😉

    I should talk…my goatee is almost all gray!

  2. Christopher says:

    Wow, James-did it work? Getting her all liqueured up I mean. But buying her 2 martinis is pretty obvious isn’t it?

  3. Kent says:

    Huh. She is kind of cute.

    I don’t have much of a bald spot, but the hair is getting gray.