Google Comes to Bama

While the state continues to deal with its past, the future looms as well.

Via CNBC:  Google makes a big bet on… Alabama?

The Internet and technology giant plans to build a new data center in the state at the site of a former coal-fired power plant. In a blog post Wednesday, Google said the center—its 14th globally—will repurpose the plant’s existing infrastructure to run on renewable energy.

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  1. michael reynolds says:

    Great, now Alabamans can watch the Googlers push rents up. Locals better lock in their leases.

  2. @michael reynolds: Although unlike NoCal, there is puh-lenty of land around here.

  3. michael reynolds says:

    @Steven L. Taylor:

    Pity the poor Googler though who has to give up San Francisco for Alabama. Man, I would fight that transfer. We don’t have humidity, cockroaches, plantation houses and slave shacks or that goober accent. And we do have equal rights, good food and the Golden Gate bridge.

  4. @michael reynolds: There is plenty to criticize about this state, to be sure, but there is no need to be rude.

    And while I have little doubt that a lot of folks from the Bay Area would balk at moving to the Southeast, I can assure you as well, however, that the cost of living here is like another universe compared to Cali, especially the northern portion.

    The Huntsville area also has the advantage of higher a high percentage of literal rocket scientists, so not goobers all (peanuts are in the southern part of the state in any event). There is also a great burgeoning craft beer scene that could help the newly moved drown their sorrows. 😉

  5. PT says:

    The Google tells me that the actor who portrayed Goober Pyle hailed from Fairfield, AL, so….

  6. @PT: That’s hard to argue with, to be sure.