Beltway Traffic Jam

The daily linkfest:

  • Alex Knapp recreates the scene in the producer’s office as he decides to remake “Oh, God!”
  • Herb Ely thinks the CIA is a little slow.
  • Key Monk argues for keeping the Electoral College.
  • Kate McMillan argues that character and competence aren’t mutually exclusive.
  • Barry Ritholtz will be guest hosting CNBC’s Squawk Box tomorrow.
  • Dean Esmay wonders why Dave Chapelle gets rich off jokes poor white trash can’t make.

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  1. The Secret Plan
    Can anyone imagine someone lodging charges George I had a master plan to get shot down in the Pacific during World War II to collect footage for an advertising campaign? Did anyone accuse Bob Dole of conspiring with the enemy in that same war to get …

  2. Deporting Bobby Fischer
    Reuters Japan has ordered the deportation of former world chess champion Bobby Fischer, wanted at home in the United States for breaking sanctions, rejecting his demand for protection as a political refugee. His lawyers responded on Tuesday by appealin…

  3. Jen Speaks says:

    Al Dvorin Has Left The Building
    “Who?” you say. (Or is that whom?)

    Al Dvorin, who coined the phrase ‘Elvis has left the building’ was killed in a car crash Sunday morning on the way home from an Elvis convention in California.

  4. More Journalist Terrorism
    A follow-up to my previous post on the media breaking the law in order to create news that they can then later “report”…This nonsense has to stop.

  5. Texas Native says:

    That’s gonna leave a mark
    Rob a bank and take hostages in Spain, and the Guardia Civil could ruin your day

  6. Media Appearance: Guest Hosting Squawk Box
    Big day tomorrow: Your humble blogger will be guest hosting Squawk Box, CNBC, Wednesday, 7 to 10am. Looking forward to meeting the crew. Haines and Faber are on vacay, so it looks like it will be Maria Bartiroma, Joe Kernan, Becky Quick, and yours tru…