Hillary Clinton Raises $70 Million In June Alone

Hillary Clinton’s campaign raised nearly  $70 million for itself and the Democratic National Committee for the just-concluded month of June:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign reported Friday that it had raised more than $68.5 million for Hillary for America, the Democratic National Committee and state parties in the month of June.

Of that total, $40.5 million went to the campaign, while the remaining $28 million went to the DNC and state parties through the Hillary Victory Fund and the Hillary Action Fund, putting Clinton’s total cumulative fundraising at $288 million for the campaign and $90 million for the joint fundraising agreements. Clinton begins July with more than $44 million on hand, with an average donation of $48 to the campaign itself.

Clinton’s campaign began the month of June with more than $42 million on hand, while Donald Trump’s campaign reported just $1.3 million but has ramped up fundraising efforts in recent weeks. Trump’s campaign has not reported totals for June as of Friday afternoon.

If the reports over the past several weeks are any indication, we can expect that Donald Trump’s fundraising for this same period won’t be anything near this figure. In part, this is due to the fact that Trump’s campaign did little to develop a fundraising network during the primary campaign and did not rely on raised dollars during the course of the campaign. Instead, the primary battle saw Trump rely on a combination of free media and money that he personally invested in the campaign, although not necessarily on the scale he had said he would when the campaign began a year ago. Trump has said he was going to rely on donations during the General Election campaign, and has held several fundraisers already, including events planned by the Republican National Committee. It’s expected, though, that the amount of money raised will pale in comparison to Clinton’s figures, which is one of the many reasons Trump is fast becoming an underdog in this race. Unless he can turn the money race around, there could be little left for th Trump campaign to compete with.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. michael reynolds says:

    Can we stop calling Trump a billionaire, now? A man with 10 billion dollars could self-finance. Hell, I could raise more money than Trump did on his last round and I’m not even a lowly millionaire with an ‘m.’

    And can we stop treating Hillary as if she’s some unloved, friendless toad? Because apparently folks like her to the tune of 70 million bucks a month. You know who doesn’t like Hillary? White males. Women like her, African-Americans and Latinos and gays and Asians like her. White males? No. And their reasons are bullsh!t.

    The fact is that no one has anything on Hillary. After 25 years of relentless investigation and mud-slinging, no one has anything on her aside from a technical violation of email record-keeping. Investigate ANYONE and you’d find ten times as much. And more dirt has been uncovered on Trump in the last two weeks than on Hillary in 25 years, times a factor of 50.

    Men don’t like Hillary because she’s a woman. That’s what’s going on.

    I’ll confess that I’ve been surprised by the degree of sexism and outright misogyny still floating around in the national bloodstream. I naively thought that when men said they hated women they meant it as an affectionate joke, because it was and is inconceivable to me that so many men actually, literally despise women. I don’t get it. I get racism because that at least goes back to an ancient tribal advantage in recognizing the “other.”

    But women are not the “other,” they are the “us.” There is no us, period, without women. Men need to grow the fwck up, face the fact that our unfair structural advantages are fading, stop taking it as some kind of personal castration event, and recognize that we men and women are in this together. Jesus, boys, have you no mothers? No wives? No daughters? No women at work who you like? There’s no bigger pussy in this world than a man afraid of women.

  2. Jen says:

    @michael reynolds: Wish I could up-vote this more than once. Yes, that’s the same conclusion I’ve reached. Thank you.

  3. Jen says:

    Oh, and somewhat interesting and relevant to the discussion:

    Merely asking the question about spousal income led to enormous shifts in men’s preferences in the upcoming presidential election. Men who weren’t asked about spousal income until late in the survey preferred Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in a hypothetical general election matchup by a 16-point margin; men who were asked about spousal income only a few questions before being asked about the Clinton-Trump matchup preferred Trump by an eight-point margin — a 24-point shift in preferences.

    Harvard Business Review.

  4. Grumpy Realist says:

    No wonder Trump is the Chosen One to the alt-right. If Trump chooses Newt as VP they’ll be even happier.

  5. OzarkHillbilly says:

    In part, this is due to the fact that Trump’s campaign did little to develop a fundraising network

    Don’t worry, their new targeted solicitation emails in Britain, Australia, Iceland, Switzerland, and Ireland will have them rolling in the dough very soon.

    @michael reynolds: Hear, hear. While I honestly do not like Hillary, I also do not dislike her. It is a question that is beside the point with me. I voted for her in the primary because I respect her and look forward to sending her a little money every now and again these next few months.

  6. Lounsbury says:

    The American side of my firm is all in for Clinton now. Not for any great love for her, but out of sheer terror of the idea of having a Trump presidency – it being rather painfully clear that whatever eventual façade of discipline he puts on, he’s an erratic fool in his fundaments.