Jack Lew Finally Has A (Mostly) Legible Signature

When Jack Lew was confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury, there was much speculation about what would happen to his signature, which would appear on all U.S. currency printed after his succession to the office. This was understandable, considering what passed for Lew’s signature while he was White House Budget Director, as shown by this mock-up created at the time:


Today, the Treasury Dept. released Lew’s “official” currency signature:

Jack Lew SignatureMuch better,  Mr. Secretary.

H/T: Zachary Goldfarb


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Doug Mataconis
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  1. John Peabody says:

    Give him a sticker! A silver one, though.

  2. John Burgess says:

    After rapping his knuckles, Sr. Anna-Peter would have had him in remedial penmanship so quickly his eyes would have bled.

  3. Gustopher says:

    Sad. I liked the first one better.