Jerry Seinfeld Really Likes ‘Really’

When Jerry Seinfeld writes a letter to the editor, the editor publishes the letter. Really.

When Jerry Seinfeld writes a letter to the editor, the editor publishes the letter. Really.

A note to Neil Genzlinger (“The ‘R’ Word: Really, Really Overused,” Arts pages, Oct. 2):

Your Critic’s Notebook column about the overuse of the term “Really?” was so deeply vacuous that I couldn’t help but feel that you have stepped into my area of expertise.

Really, Neil? Really? You’re upset about too many people saying, “Really?”? I mean, really.

It continues along that vein for some time.

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  1. The Q says:

    Really James? This should be on Yahoo where they tease you with the headline to entice you to click the link, only to find a vacuous article.

    I mean, you should really not stoop to that level.

    And while I am at it, do Manning and Florack really need to post? Because they really, really s##$^!

  2. Davebo says:

    But I’m more concerned about the role these TV “Reallys?” are playing in the continuing collapse of society.

    Really? This guy has waaay too much time on his hands.

    Note the extra “a’s” in waaay. Just my contribution to the collapse of our society.

  3. Gromitt Gunn says:

    I’m looking forward to Seth and Amy’s rebuttal to Seinfeld’s letter.

  4. OzarkHillbilly says:

    And I just had to click on this post…. I mean, really.

  5. Peterh says:

    I really believe that James alter ego is P.T. Barnum and yeah, I just got really, really suckered….

  6. James Joyner says:

    @The Q: @Peterh: Not sure what you guys were expecting with that headline on a story filed under Quick Takes. Analytical posts are given images and excerpts.