Politics as Sport

The game is the game.

‘Seinfeld’ Ended 25 Years Ago

The show about nothing has a big legacy.

Failed and Has-Been Politicians Start New Party

The Forward Party will almost certainly go nowhere.

More Sinema

Continuing and expanding on thoughts from the previous post.

Chappelle’s Last Netflix Special

“The Closer” delivers more of what people love and hate about the GOAT.

What’s the 771?

DC’s new area code is causing an identity crisis.

Social Distancing is (Almost) Useless

Another early COVID myth has been shattered.

Wilford Brimley Dead at 85

A great character actor is gone.

Canadians Head To The Polls

It’s Election Day in Canada and the outcome is far from certain.

Sean Spicer Beclowns Himself Even More Than When He Was In The White House

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has hit the bottom of the barrel.

What is Labor, Anyway?

Entertainers work for a living, too.

Award Winning Playwright Neil Simon Dies At 91

Iconic Broadway legend Neil Simon, who was responsible for hits such as “The Odd Couple, has died at the age of 91.

The Limits of Comedy

Controversies involving Jimmy Kimmel and “The Simpsons” highlight a perennial question.

Obama Coming to Netflix

Netflix no longer offers President Frank Underwood. They’re lining up a replacement.

Another Day, Another Bizarre Donald Trump Speech

Donald Trump’s speech yesterday at a meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition was as bizarre as anything else we’ve seen from him.

Parenting as a Gen Xer

We’ve got one foot in two very different technological worlds.

Seinfeld Is 25; Jerry Seinfeld is 60

The first episode of “Seinfeld” aired 25 years ago yesterday.

The GOP’s Seinfeld Shutdown

The GOP’s shutdown was about as pointless as a show about waiting for a table in a Chinese restaurant.

Jerry Seinfeld Explains Joke Writing

Jokes aren’t funny if you have to explain them. Explaining how the joke got written can be marginally funny.

Jerry Seinfeld Really Likes ‘Really’

When Jerry Seinfeld writes a letter to the editor, the editor publishes the letter. Really.

Donald Trump’s Hair Explained

So, what’s up with Donald Trump’s bizarre hairdo? He insists it’s not a comb-over.

Jerry Seinfeld Can Mock Missy Chase Lapine

A New York judge has sided with comedian Jerry Seinfeld in a bizarre lawsuit by a crazy woman who writes cookbooks.

Sleeping in the Office (Congress Edition)

Some members of Congress sleep in their offices in lieu of renting residences in DC. Fiscally responsible or kinda odd?

Elites: Americans But Not Of America?

Charles Murray argues that the Tea Party is right to complain about out-of-touch elites.

Is TV Too Complicated?

Has the digitization of entertainment — DVRs, iPods, iPods, digital cameras, Netflix, and so forth — transformed it from fun into work?

Economics of Spongeworthiness: An Option Value Problem

A Princeton economist has devised a formula for a classic sitcom paradox.

Larry King Hanging Up The Suspenders

The most shocking news about Larry King’s retirement announcement was the realization that he was still on the air.


George Will – Never in Blue Jeans

George Will’s view of denim is about forty years out of date.

OTB Caption JamTM

Caption Contest Winners

Don Knotts Dies at 81