Martini and Steak

A while back, in response to a snark from Andrew Exum, I noted that, “As to the side issue of whether the combination of a martini and a steak makes for a good meal, it undoubtedly does.  However, I prefer to have the martini (or perhaps two) ahead of the meal and then switch to wine to better enjoy the complexity of the flavors.”

Today at MANzine, by sheer coincidence, we have the rest of the story.

First, in “James Bond Ruined the Martini,” yours truly discusses some of the finer distinctions of this classic cocktail.  Most notably, that true martinis contain gin rather than vodka.  (Although, in the ensuing comments, Alex Knapp defends the virtues of the Vesper, which contains both gin and vodka.)  Further, whether one should have one’s martini shaken or stirred depends not on one’s sophistication but rather on whether one is drinking a vodka martini or a real one.

Then, in “Steakhouse Steak at Home,” Matt Mehaffey offers a guide to perpetuating your carnivorous habits in style with an iron skillet and some prime beef.  It’s what’s for dinner.

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  1. kvc says:

    I knew I read your blog for a reason. You are well educated, even in culinary reasoning. Gin is made from juniper berries, which are a great base for sauces served on heavy meats such as steaks and veal chops. Also, the martini (gin, never vodka) should be a pre-meal event to excite the taste buds prior to the meal and a hearty wine to enhance the food upon consumption. I give these opinions from years as a professional chef.

  2. odograph says:

    I am way too manly to go to a site called manzine, and I grill my steak over lump charcoal.

  3. odograph says:

    (manzine, what is it, a remedial course?)

  4. mpw280 says:

    Grilled Rib-Eye, baked tater and ice cold vodka with a twist. I think I just found dinner tonite. mpw280

  5. One Fine Jay says:

    Why is it that so few seem to tout the joys of butter-seared steak? It’s always open-flame this, char-broil that.